Facebook Pixel- Learn more about its usage

blog_img120717Obviously, most of the companies require Facebook ads to promote their brand and the one essential tool so that you can get more from your social ad budget is using – Facebook pixel.

What is actually Facebook pixel?

Most of the personnel of any Web Marketing Company can answer your questions properly. A Facebook Pixel is nothing but a code that you definitely need to place on your website. The benefits you get is that you can able to track all kind of conversions through your Facebook ads,  optimize the ads, build up more traffic for you other ads and also promote the leads again. Continue reading Facebook Pixel- Learn more about its usage

Best Possible Ways to Promote Your Website to Drive More Traffic

So, did you take the important steps to build your company website? But what now? How will you promote your website to gain more traffic? Thus, now you face a different challenge to bring down traffic to your website and for that proper online marketing strategies is important.

online marketing strategies

Thus, here are some tips to pull down more traffic to your website :-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is one of the processes through which you can certainly able to increase traffic to your website. With help of keywords and optimizing the websites they try to increase the rank of your site in search engine. Some most common way of increasing your SEO work is improving your present content, removing the possible barriers, increasing the inbound as well as back links. You might think that SEO is a very time-consuming procedure but in future, you will actually get benefit from this SEO work. But make sure that you put proper keyword phrases so that you grab that first position on the first page.
  • Blogging and guest blogging- If you upload original content on your website then definitely it will become easier for you to beat the competition as well as will help you to bring more visitors to your website. But, if you already are a blogger and writes similar topic then you can also upload the link of the same. Through this you will also bring your own followers to the website.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)- PPC advertising is another important marketing tool through which you can start website promotion in Kolkata. The process is very simple yet effective – for every click you actually paying a certain amount of money and your final goal is to switch that click into an investment. For this process, an important tool which you can use is Google AdWords and also set your required budget. The main goal of yours is to convert the ROI in best possible way.
  • Retargeting- You can also retarget your ads by tracking a kind of cookie in all your visitors operating system. Thus, they will again come back to view your ads and this traffic is actually the people who are not getting converted for investment.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is also one of the unique tools to promote your website. You can engage your customers by providing different news and information about your services and products. Moreover, nowadays to make your boring email attractive you can also send newsletter to your mailers so that they get something exciting and attractive.
  • Social media- We definitely cannot forget about social media when you are about to promote a website. This is one of the platforms where we can instantly speak with the customers or the targeted people for our brand. Also, make sure that you should over promote your brand otherwise it can also turn against you.

Smart Ways to match up with Google in the year 2017

One of the key success of online marketing is to match up with the terms invents by Google rather they did in 2017.  Google has changed a lot of things in their algorithm and it has resulted in many changes for preference as well as policies which all the Digital Marketing Company must know about it.  Thus, here are some ways through which you can keep it up with the changes done by the Google.


  • Keep your Traffic Sources Diversified to Earn Genuine Visits from Google– There are many traffic sources invented through which you can earn lots of traffic. Video marketing is one such way through which you can get a lot of different traffic for your website. But, make sure that the video must be alluring so drive such a huge traffic. But, it’s not that you will promote your video on one single platform, it is the must that you should promote it on different platforms to drive larger audiences.
  • Sketch your Keyword Strategy Properly – There are actually many new elements which you can in Google’s page which will make your old page very hard to click into. In today’s trend, Google’s page has become really competitive. You will definitely face difficulty to get through many click rates than from your previous results. So do you not want to know the solution for it? It is important that you must change the strategy of your keyword stuffing. Also, it will help you to change the search result as well. Use different kinds of keywords research tools that include Google Ad words, Hub Spot’s Keywords App and much more.
  • Induce an Upgraded Link Building Strategy – Among the Online Marketing Companies in Kolkata, this is one of the points which need to be administered. Inbound link building is very important as it will help you to provide with a lot of traffic. But in order to build the link perfectly, there are many aspects which you need to look into – goals, tactics, metrics, strategy and much more. Thus, if you do all these systematically then your effort is definitely worth it. Thus, this one is of the most important reasons why the SEO experts or the marketers must know to balance between long and short-term investments.
  • Increase Search Engagement–  With the introduction of Google’s new algorithm, you can able to check the search engine rankings. It helps you to know that where your page in ranked in Google and different tools like click through rate and time-on-page contributes a lot to check your proper ranking. While engaging the customers always thinks that what your readers are trying to search. Also, make sure the website is designed in such a way where you can able to deliver the entire content wonderfully.

Establish Usability, Authority and Relevance with the Right SEO Service

The internet has millions of websites floating around. The audience out there, who are more often than not rather disgruntled, are always on the lookout for access to quick and comprise pieces of information. Needless to say, the pages that show up on the first page of the search engine get the maximum amount of traffic. So no matter how good the quality of writing is it will all be rendered fruitless without the right professional intervention. The techniques that have been adopted by many a professional seo company show their calibre in producing optimum results. They understand the algorithms that operate the crawlers and use it to their advantage.

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The effect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has is that it instils :-

  1. Usability
  2. Authority
  3. Relevance

Let us now see why each of these values is highly relevant and how it is implemented.

Continue reading Establish Usability, Authority and Relevance with the Right SEO Service

Bounce Rate- The Unfriendly Opponent for Your SEO Promotion

The SEO tactics largely depend on the website’s bounce rate and according to that, all the new tactics are also implemented based on the bounce rate. Thus, it is important that you must look into the bounce rate properly so that the engagement rate of the website gradually increases up. There are many SEO consultants in Kolkata that looks up into this matter very strongly as it is one of the major work of the SEO experts.

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What do you mean by Bounce Rate?

In normal terms, it is meant that the number of visitors who again gets back to the search engine within a very small period of time after the website directly get redirect to the main search engine. If you really want to go back then it is must that it is happened due to important information or somehow the users didn’t like your site. Continue reading Bounce Rate- The Unfriendly Opponent for Your SEO Promotion

Essential Factors Requires To Boost Local Search Rankers

Online visibility has become one of the key factors to boost traffic to your website and it is considered to be more important than its physical location. Moreover, the stores which are not much known for their physical location surely needs to depend on local search rankings to stay on Google map.

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How can you boost your local search?

There are various reasons requires to increase your local search visibility and to do this wonders local search engine optimization efforts needed the most. It is really a tough job to run a business smoothly but if the local keywords are maintained properly then definitely the work seems to be much easier. Here are some important factors which you must consider to boost your local search:- Continue reading Essential Factors Requires To Boost Local Search Rankers

Discover the Benefits of PPC for Every Small Business

PPC or Pay per Click is one of the most important tool that is used widely by the small business to promote their business in online platforms. The model is used in very simple and easy way thus, most of the business wants to include in their online marketing campaign. In a whole, the words you run as ads and the amount you will pay and on that how many people will click on those ad words.

ppc marketing service

Why is it useful for small business?

A successful PPC campaign can definitely help your company to gain profit and because of this particular reason, many companies hire PPC advertising companies. There are also many PPC platforms where you can use your ad words but the most common among them are Google Ad words and Bing Ads. The benefits of PPC ad words are:-

Fasts ResultsPPC marketing service probably one of the fastest ways to properly run an advertising campaign and you definitely will get an instant result. To make the thing easier, you just can create an ad words account and properly set up all your required ads and then immediately run on Google network. Continue reading Discover the Benefits of PPC for Every Small Business

Efficient Practices to Make Your SEO URL Creditable

When you want to find any information about the structure of URL’s on the web it is seen that most of the people do not get enough information. But, it is important that you do the best practices to get maximum results in your SEO efforts. URL does play a crucial role when you actually do online promotion and there are some definite practices which you must follow in the pages you have created. The practice is more important when it comes to e-commerce stores where an SEO can find hundreds of URLs. A healthy URL means it becomes easier for Google or any other kind of search engines to rank your website in a better way. Here are some of the key factors which you need to look after:-

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Adjoin the WWW and the non- WWW edition of the domain – There is mainly two domain that is been indexed by the popular search engines – WWW and non- WWW. But to get the effective result it is important that you club up both the versions.

Better Readability score – All the technical elements which include the entire structure of the URL among it the most important aspect is that how efficiently the users are able to read the content. Accessibility is one of the major factors for ranking the search engines and also it gives a signal to the search engines to determine visitors of each page. The URL has to be very clean as well as users should properly understand it. Continue reading Efficient Practices to Make Your SEO URL Creditable

A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Advertising

The time has completely gone when accessing social media for free. We must have heard about social media advertising but it’s not a buzzword anymore rather has become a digital platform where you can promote your brand. No doubt this marketing will allow you to get handful results as well as increase your brand’s sales. Moreover, even companies have understood that advertising in social media will benefit you a lot no matter how large or small is your business. If we talk about the most popular social media platforms then we should mention the five most important platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

social media marketing companies

Why is it a must to include in your advertising campaign?

Advertising in social media actually is important to include in your advertising campaign because it not only help you to reach your goal easily but also increase your revenue generation as well. Moreover, as the social media trend is so much in the hype so your target audience will able to know your brand faster. But maybe you are thinking that you have to spend a lot of money for these advertising, but certainly, it is not.  Even in the low budget also you will be able to reach thousands of your customers. You exactly need a good marketing plan and do a bit of effort; you will be definitely assured with success. Continue reading A Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Advertising

Effective Time Management Ideas for Every Link Builders

If you are among one of that person if you think that SEO work is only related to filling the Metadata with suitable keywords and sharing those links in some forums then absolutely you are wrong. SEO is something much more that and also if you just try to build up links only from some directories or forums then it is certain that your page rankings will really hit badly.

seo company in Kolkata

In today’s scenario, the work of the SEO is much more than only doing the above-stated jobs. They need to write some good quality content that will allow the visitors to read a good copy as well as the links should be conversion centric. So, the question arises how to complete all the work keeping the quality high? Even the SEO experts of the renowned SEO Company in Kolkata face the same problems.  Thus, here are some factors that are essential and also will help to manage time effectively. Continue reading Effective Time Management Ideas for Every Link Builders