6 Tips For Productive Ad Copy Writing For Pay-Per-Click Services!

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Writing an ad copy for PPC services, Kolkata can sometimes be a tough deal. However, you don’t have to be extremely creative to whipping up the competition. 

Each PPC marketing company, Kolkata believes that following a pragmatic PPC approach will be enough to have a super-creative ad text. This article follows some simple steps that may help to assess the competitive landscape of writing an ad copy. 

How To Write A Better Ad Copy?

  1. Conduct Some Competitive Research
  • For hunting down your actual competitors, you have to conduct some research. With paid searches, it becomes all the more simple to put up your blinders. You may take the example of a high-end shoe designer such as Christian Louboutin.
  • Its typical competitors such as Manalo Blahnik or Stuart Weitzman are high-end competitors. For PPC campaigns, they ignore discount sites selling luxury shoes. 
  1. Identify Your Unique Persona
  • Once you know who your competitors are, it’s time to become the leader of the group. Consider the ad copy of your page-mates and identify a differentiator. This marks the only opportunity to sell your products and services. 
  • Inform the searcher why you are offering them a better product. Also, how your deal is better than the other competitors. Some phrases with the above Christian Louboutin example may be: “The Original Red Sole Heel.”
  1. A Killer CTA Is Going To Bring More Success
  • To complete your ad, you might include a call to action. This provides your searchers with an incentive to click. You may also opt for the standard option of “buy now.” However, if you aim to step it up a notch, go for better alternatives.
  • Some of them may be, “the best call to action phrases ever,” or “11 unusual but effective CTAs.” 
  1. Include Ad Extensions 
  • After nailing your body through texts, enable an ad extension. An ad extension or two boosts your ad so they include a little more real estate on the Search Engine results page. 
  • When it comes to ad text, the bigger one is much appreciated. They are likely to increase CTR by an average of 30%. 
  1. Check Your Ad Metrics Regularly
  • Your ad is not complete until you check the ad metrics. Allow it to get a few impressions, then assess your success. It is difficult to predict the performance of the latest ad, so testing ad copy is crucial. 
  • Often it happens that the ad copy you thought will become successful ends up losing. You will never know what works until you try something new. 


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