7 Valid Reasons Playing Behind Poor Website Traffic

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Is your website suffering from poor traffic syndrome? Talk to your professional digital marketing service agency and look into these issues right away. 

So, it’s been a year that you have built your website, your business is running well, customers are buying your products and you are earning a fair amount of revenue. But then you notice that your competitor’s website is getting more visitors than yours and is earning a better revenue. So, where are you going wrong? Also, did you hire the right digital marketing agency in India for the same?

When it comes to achieving success in your business, it is essential to keep up the traffic of your website. The right blend of SEO services and the human brain is the key to achieving excellent website traffic as it enables better customer reach, quality engagement, better sales, and finally, a successful business. Furthermore, making use of professional digital marketing services will ensure healthy website traffic on a daily basis.

What Results in Poor Website Traffic?

There are a plethora of reasons that ultimately result in poor website traffic. These factors are broadly classified into two categories. 

  • Direct factors
  • Indirect factors

Direct Factors:-

Direct factors are the ones that directly affect your website traffic. The professional digital marketing service you choose to work with is responsible for the same.

The Direct Factors Include Pointers Such As:

Poor Website Content:

When visitors come to your website, the first thing that they tend to notice is the website content. Low-quality website content is enough to make your visitors cringe upon your website, thereby eventually increasing the bounce rate. Hence, the digital marketing agency in India with whom you choose to work with must provide your website with excellent content, throwing light on your brand ethos. The internet is filled with millions of websites, each competing to achieve the highest rank. Therefore, you can imagine the cut-throat competition that prevails in this digitized world. So chalk out an exquisite content strategy for your website along with the social media posts.

Ineffective Keywords:

Stay up to date when it comes to incorporating keywords in your website. The digital world is extremely dynamic with keywords getting updated every now and then. If your website is quite old, make sure to change the keywords to enhance your website traffic rate. Discuss with the professional digital marketing service about your requirement so that they can work accordingly. 

Technical Glitch:

It is common for a website to face technical issues at times. Hence, make sure to solve these to resent your visitors with a smooth, running website. Factors like broken links, server overloads, recent site overhauls, etc. directly affect your website ranking as the bounce rate will increase as well. 

Lack of User Experience (UX):

Your website should be easy to navigate. If a user visits your page, he/she should find it difficult to navigate through your website, like navigating from one page to another. Therefore, hire the best digital marketing agency in India to present your users with a website that is extremely simple to explore.  

Please the Customers:

The look and feel of your website play a huge role in appealing to the senses of your customers. Apart from all the technical stuff, your website should be defined by a clean, pleasing, and aesthetic look that will keep your visitors hooked to your website. 

Indirect Factors:

Apart from the previously mentioned points, here are the indirect factors that affect your website rank. These are:

  • The Change of Algorithm:- Google constantly changes its search algorithm which will have an effect on the rankings and traffic of most sites. While you can’t do much in this regard, you can talk to the SEO team of your digital marketing service in India and take complete advantage of the change to improve website traffic. 
  • Change in Trends:– Consumer preferences and industry trends are always changing and shifting. While you can’t do enough to control this change, you can carry out thorough research to understand what’s trending in the market. This way you can keep up with the rhythm of changes, thereby keeping your business game strong.

Some Takeaway:

  1. It’s 2020 and it’s time to set a Webmasters account 
  2. Find and fix all the broken links 
  3. Refresh your old but gold content rather than archiving them
  4. Installed 404 redirects where needed
  5. Say no to bad quality link penalties
  6. Scrutinize the website overhaul to avoid any further downfall


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