A Comprehensive Guide To Keep Pace With Social Media Trends & News

Social media trends

Today, there is barely any business that does not need a social media marketing service Kolkata. Dive deep into this guide to know about recent social media trends. 

Social media is evolving constantly thereby, making marketers ask certain questions. These may include “How to track every little change in social media?” or “How much time do I have for the job?” However, if you are dealing with the same questions, you can always seek help from a prominent social media agency in Kolkata

Tips To Keep Pace With Social Media Trends As Well As News 

  1. Creating streams on Twitter 

The most prominent place to search for recent news is social media. All you have to do is begin by creating a stream on Twitter using famous social media hashtags. Furthermore, brands can optimize terms such as #socialmedia, and #inboundmarketing. Make sure to prevent searching for a term that is too common because there can be a swarm of tweets. 

  1. Make a list of Twitter influencers 

Social media is popular for the fact that experts are often found here. In case of a new update or announcement in the social media sector, influencers mostly discuss it on Twitter. However, you can enter the competition by using the hashtags you have been collecting in the previous instances. Also, make sure to draft a list of Twitter influencers relying on your findings. 

  1. Create Google alerts on influencers 

After having a list of hashtags and influencers to follow on social media, you can create a Google Alert. This will allow you to get continuous updates whenever they post content. Moreover, select your top three favourite topis or influencers and create Google alerts for them. Experts often recommend receiving these alerts once a day so that your inbox doesn’t get clogged completely. All you need to do is type, choose your frequency and you are done. 

  1. Keep a track of the latest trends on Instagram

Furthermore, you can optimize Instagram’s explorer tab for keeping track of the most recent trends. Additionally, hashtags and terms will allow you to see the content people have been sharing on the platform the very day. Users can also get related searches to witness what else people have been discussing. 

  1. Use LinkedIn to join groups 

LinkedIn is popular for discussions regarding social media businesses. Thus, join groups on this popular platform to know about the recent trends. Hence, you will get to know everything from a Facebook update to a new theory on social media’s future. 


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