A Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy: Easy Tips & Tricks

Social media marketing services in Kolkata connect people globally. Thereby it increases your brand’s reach. Instagram marketing is one such tool that you should explore. 

Social media is always evolving and new entrepreneurs or young marketers always seem confused about how to keep track of everything that is changing. The latest buzz is about Instagram, the largest photo-sharing app. It has become one of the greatest marketing tools for businesses in the past few years.  According to social media marketing agencies in Kolkata, if your business is not on Instagram, you are definitely losing sales. 

Reports state that there are more than 850 million users who are active on Instagram per month. Over 80 million posts surface each day on the platform. This accounts for an average amount of likes that generates close to 2 billion daily. The platform not only helps to promote your brand but also helps you in finding suitable customers who take a genuine interest in your niche.

How Can You Use Instagram Marketing To Increase Your Business Sales?

After setting up a business account on this platform, you can engage your target audience through high-quality images and short videos. This helps to promote your videos in a more artistic way such that it creates better interactions and a lasting impression on your client’s mind. Some tips to build your business on Instagram:

  • Use Instagram Stories: With numerous tools available on the platform, you can upload photos and videos to create engaging stories. You are free to post recorded videos, still photos, live videos, boomerangs, basic text, music, etc. The more eye-catching your post is, the more is your brand’s visibility. 
  • Stream Live Videos: According to social media agencies in Kolkata streaming live videos on Instagram can perk your audience’s attention to a great extent. You can give a sneak-peak into interesting aspects of your videos, or you can make any announcements, show newly launched products, etc. 
  • Do Not Shy Away From Hashtags: This tool is the best way to search for content on Instagram.  Hashtags can include letters and numbers. However, you cannot include any non-numeric characters. The correct use of hashtags will garner more likes, comments, and followers. 

Wrapping Up!

Instagram allows easy posting of attractive and also, interactive images, videos, and shares informative facts. With the above-mentioned features, we are sure you are convinced of the benefits of using Instagram for your business. For any queries regarding Instagram marketing, you can definitely reach out to us at GetTraffic, the best social media marketing services in Kolkata.