Some Actionable SEO Tips to Boost the Organic Traffic

The top SEO Company in Kolkata uses different strategies and tricks to increase the sales of a business and to boost the organic traffic of the website.Some Actionable SEO Tips to Boost the Organic TrafficThe best SEO Company in Kolkata always makes the use of certain strategies and also offers some tips to move the business website a step ahead of the contenders in the market. Some SEO tips are jotted down here that should be implemented to boost both the traffic and the sales rate of the business.

Optimize the Social Media Profiles:- The key to the SEO-friendly social media profile is to be as descriptive as possible. Try to always fill up the ‘About’ or the ‘Information’ section of the social media platforms when creating the profile. Try to use words or phrases, which can describe the business and try to use the terms that the common people mostly use while searching in Google. For example, in order to optimize the Facebook page, it is essential to include the address, state, zip, and the city.

Optimize the Social Media Contents:- In order to optimize the social media contents, try to include some relevant search keywords or terms in the Facebook updates, pin descriptions, tweets, etc. It is essential to share the contents from the website or the blog socially for giving it SEO boost as well. Sharing new contents on Twitter is vital for Google indexing.

Make the Contents Shareable for Building Links:- The key factor in SEO is building links. This means having the good websites to the website relationships via the links. More authority equals the higher SERP ranks. Comments, likes, retweets, repins, etc., all are important to build links. If more contents are created, more invlund links can be created. Content does not always have to the elaborated ones. Short contents can also be posted on the social media platforms. By posting attractive social contents, one is improving the SEO value of the website.

Use Pinterest:- This is a simple way for creating the shareable contents. Pinterest is good for building links and for improving the keyword strategy. Google indexes pages from the websites with the heavy traffic faster and higher in SERP. It is possible to increase the visibility of the contents in SERPs by adding the keywords within the title of the Pinterest board and the description of the board.

Sign up for Google+ and Allot Minimum Ten Minutes per Day on It:- Sign up for the Google+ business page and fill up as many fields as possible. By spending minimum ten minutes in a day for sharing the contents to the Google+ page, the website will be more likely to appear within the Google SERPs. There are several more reasons that should be considered about Google+ if one is the SEO expert of the Best Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata.

Create Google+ Local Listing:- According to Google, 97 percent of the consumers look for the local businesses online. For performing well in the local search results, it is crucial to optimize the Google+ local listing. The local Google+ page is quite different from the Google+ business page.