Affiliate And Digital Marketing: How Do The Two Differ?

Both digital and affiliate marketing play a huge role in online marketing. Know the difference between the two from the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata

Traditional marketing is slowly taking a backseat as digital marketing is the forerunner. Customers today want everything to be at the touch of their fingers. From shopping to bank transactions, the world now relies on digital systems. Amidst this, if your business does not have a proper web address, you are losing out on your customers and paving the way for your competitors to sell smoothly. So, make sure your business has a strong, positive online presence. For that, you will require the expertise of the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata

Digital Marketing

Modern consumers are increasingly moving towards a digital experience. Usage of smartphones and mobile devices has become a part of the customer’s buying journey and digital marketing tactics will become even more important. Social media platforms, websites, and blogs are giving customers the chance to discover new products, services, and brands. Thus, through digital strategies, it is convenient to reach customers who are looking for products like yours at the time of need. 

How Can A Reputed Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata Help Your Business?

  • Digital marketing gives you new ways to target your audience. Also, it helps you reach a new audience. 
  • Using their expertise and also, knowledge of digital tools, you can expand your brand’s reach.
  • By having access to real-time analytics you can periodically optimize your campaign budget by allocating more to those that gave the best results. 

Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is a powerful way to grow your business. It actually works on the concept of performance-based marketing.  A company pays the affiliate for each customer they bring in. Then, the affiliate shares an affiliate link or discount code with their audience. After somebody buys a product, the affiliate earns a commission. 

What Is The Working Process Of Affiliate Marketing?

  • Firstly, the ad display or link of a product or service of other companies on your blog, social media, or website
  • A person who visits and also, clicks that affiliate link and redirects to a site that sells a product or services
  • Purchase products or services
  • Record the transaction
  • Purchased is confirmed by the owner
  • And then the affiliate marketer gets a commission

Difference Between Digital And Affiliate Marketing

The main difference between digital marketing and affiliate marketing is that digital marketing is conducting marketing activities through digital technologies, while affiliate marketing is a specific type of digital marketing that involves promoting another person’s product on your social media or website and earning a part commission.

Wrapping Up!

Among a vast pool of digital marketers, partnering with the correct company is a crucial decision. Gettraffic, the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata can help you strategize a cost-effective plan customized for your small business for its better growth. Browse through our website and also, give us a call for in-depth knowledge of our working process.