Are Paid Instagram Followers Worth the Money? A Detailed Insight

Make your business grow on one of the most popular social media platforms-Instagram. Reach out to the best digital marketing company to know about paid followers.

The American photo and video sharing app, Instagram is one of the most popular apps among Gen-Y. According to a reputed digital marketing agency in Kolkata,  user-friendliness, mobile readiness and special features are the reasons behind its growing popularity. 

After Instagram’s launch in 2010, this social media site gained nearly 1 million followers in just two months, 10 million in a year, and a billion by 2019. With this success rate, the day is not far when the image-sharing app will become more popular than Facebook

In the journey of an Instagram user, followers play an important part. Your content might be great but what is the use if your followers do not feel that way? Imagine 10k people agree to your posts being engaging, how will you feel? We know how exciting it will be. 

The Increase in the Trend of Paid Followers:-

  • Buying Instagram followers is nothing new.   As per the best social media company in Kolkata, there are various sources and cheap services online, to hire followers. But in spite of spending your valuable money, you will encounter that you are paying for just a number. Most of these followers are either bots or inactive account holders who will never engage with your posts. 
  • Thus, if you are only looking forward to increasing the number of followers, then you can resort to the above services. But with these inactive fake followers, you can lose your credibility with real audiences. Moreover, Instagram has recently taken an active interest in reducing paid followers and fake accounts. So, if the platform finds out all your whopping number of followers will disappear within an eye’s blink. 

What are the Alternatives to Buying Followers On Instagram?

  • The first step to building a better audience and gaining more followers is by making your profile public. Once you make it public, your audience will grow automatically every time your content pops up and delights a prospective client. 
  • Keep your newsfeed interesting with a variety of posts- videos, images, GIFs, polls, boomerangs, and other options. You need to provide the best quality content along with top-notch videos that instantly sparks up your audience’s interests. Do not forget to be consistent in your work. If you ask for the opinion of the best Instagram marketing company in Kolkata,  hashtags are trending. So do thorough research on which hashtags are currently generating more buzz. 

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