Best Twitter Strategies for Small Businesses

Most of the Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata consider that Twitter is the best social platform to promote small business and it’s absolutely true.

Social Media Marketing

There are many businesses who want to know the most basic way to gain more followers on Twitter. But, it is important to know that there is no such secret behind it.  Definitely, every business has their own way showcasing their brand to the audience.  Thus, here are some tactics you will get to hear from every Digital Marketing Consultant in Kolkata.

Establish a Personality of a Brand -:  Customers actually like a specific brand but it does not mean that you always need to set up a corporate profile. Twitter rather is a platform where you can actually able to shine more. Rather have fun and make your Twitter account more interesting.  Try something new so that you stay better to stand best among the crowd on Twitter.

Use Important Hash Tags -: Studies actually have revealed that there are different tweets done with hashtags because doing that will make you receive more hashtags. If you only tweet trending topics in your account you won’t get any massive follower for your account. Just you will get some shared links and some retweets. But, if you put relevant hashtags with your tweets then you will discover more. Your brand will also visible to people who will not even hear about your brand ever. Make sure you should not give a lot of hashtags, keep it limited to 2-3 tags.

Reply to Your Customers -: Sometimes the company does not give a proper reply to the customers and it definitely puts a very bad reputation on the people. Never do those, no matter what tweet you have received make sure that you gave a proper reply to it.  Always greet the person properly.  You can do some conversation publicly and if it is not solved then you can also personally contact the person through the mail.

The Engage with Influencers -: According, too many Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata and for small business exposure is really important. So, you must highlight your brand with an influencing person so that people actually notice you. If you want to increase your organic following then you can post more tweet with that influential person highlighting your brand. You can also make your official hashtag and Twitter allows you to do it. You can also promote it and encourage people using the same.

Check Your Analytics -: Always check your analytics when you are launching new tweeting campaign and how the campaign is actually performing as well. Also, keep the track how many new retweets, replies, clicks you actually received the tweet. It will actually help you to understand what your audience is actually expecting from you.

Include Customer Generated Content -: Make sure that the content is customer oriented so that they able to understand what the brand is all about as well as what the product is all about.