Boost Your Website Traffic & Rank With Top SEO Tools

SEO service in Kolkata

Use SEO tools to rank your website in organic search results and enhance your website traffic.  Take help from your nearest SEO service providers in Kolkata.

A digital marketing business will only be fruitful if people are able to find you and avail of your services. So, connecting with the right people and utilizing the right resources like SEO marketing can be the best approach. Reputed digital marketing agencies in Kolkata are bundling their SEO service packages and selling them to other leading brands and businesses in such a way that both can benefit. 

Top Powerful SEO Tools:

Want to master the trick to rank your business on the top list of search engines? Then, implementing the best tools can be advantageous in a big way. We have a list of the most popular, effective, and intuitive tools to help you optimize your website. Let us take a look:

For Site Audit:

  • Ahrefs: For auditing and analyzing your website, nothing works better than Ahrefs. It gives you the opportunity to focus on the areas that your website that needs improvement. In just a few hours, it can crawl all your webpages and report on their rankings. From looking at internal and external issues to finding errors on your website, Ahrefs monitors all. You will get a clear understanding of whether there are any non-responsive pages, slow loading pages, content duplication, etc. 

For Keyword Search:

  • SEMrush: It helps to identify keywords that have the highest search volumes and thus improves the traffic of your website. This is one of the most popular SEO analysis tools that can track traffic on both mobile and desktop platforms. 
  • Google Keyword Planner: Most marketers and businesses have a concern about their content and how Google ranks it. According to SEO service agencies in Kolkata, it is the most powerful tool for SEO. Those who have a Google account can use this tool for free. Additionally,  it has two pertinent features that include monitoring metrics and searching for keywords. 

For Traffic Analysis:

  • Google Search Console: This SEO tool shows you everything about your website and its visibility across all pages. It shows the frequency of appearance on Google and the specific keyword ranks for it. You can get immense help in terms of page insights, and website auditing. The reason why it is a favorite among SEO experts is its ability to resolves issues related to malware, and spasms. 

Gettraffic, the best digital marketing company in Kolkata can help your business thrive with well-defined strategies customized for your business. The correct SEO tools will make your website rank on the SERPs. Thus, take help from experienced professionals to curate a digital marketing campaign that gives more exposure to your business.