Bounce Rate- The Unfriendly Opponent for Your SEO Promotion

The SEO tactics largely depend on the website’s bounce rate and according to that, all the new tactics are also implemented based on the bounce rate. Thus, it is important that you must look into the bounce rate properly so that the engagement rate of the website gradually increases up. There are many SEO consultants in Kolkata that looks up into this matter very strongly as it is one of the major work of the SEO experts.

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What do you mean by Bounce Rate?

In normal terms, it is meant that the number of visitors who again gets back to the search engine within a very small period of time after the website directly get redirect to the main search engine. If you really want to go back then it is must that it is happened due to important information or somehow the users didn’t like your site.

Does it affect SEO Campaign?

The actual truth is that more the bounce rates more it will affect the SEO campaigns. If you see that the bounce rate is very high then you must think that there is nothing very productive in your website apart from the presence of relevant keywords. This will actually enforce the search engines to lower down the rankings of your website severely.

Steps were taken to Lower down the Bounce Rates:-

How your website will look? – The most important criteria for any website is its designing part. It is important that websites must be appealing enough so that your customers stays t your website for a long time.

1. Stick to the Subject – Content is one of the most important things when it is on the website as always remember that your visitors are actually viewing your website to gain some useful information and that is what most of the SEO services in Kolkata based firm focuses on.

2. Look at the Loading Time – If your website needs less time to load then your bounce rate will also reduce because visitors gets agitated if your websites do not get opened at a fast rate.

3. External links – The information which you include in the website if can cited with proper sources then nothing can be like. Always try to cite a link against your information to prove its credibility.

4. Headline with the most Important Keywords – another important thing which you must always check to provide a headline in your content with the most important keywords. If it does not happen then it would be very harmful to your website.

5. Must include a Proper Search Box – It is very important that your search box must include with a search box so that directly the visitor gets to know all kind of information.

6. The Website should be Mobile Friendly – It is important that your website must also be mobile friendly and compatible to mobile as this is a very important factor because most of the people choose to operate their mobile more than computers.