What are the different advantages of availing the Bulk Email Service Kolkata ?

bulk email service kolkata


Email marketing is one of the leading digital marketing tools. Every small to big company is adopting this for better results. This is a direct marketing medium. Here the businesses send promotional messages to the prospective group of customers via an electronic medium. The method is beneficial as well as affordable. It assists in the acquisition of the new customers, building strong brand awareness and increasing sales by fostering loyalty with them.

The marketers are now, increasingly availing from the Bulk Email Service Kolkata for better outcomes in business as well as to gain from a sumptuous revenue. Recent data have stated that compared to the other channels, email has a top rating, with a 53.6% customer response rate. The data also indicates that more than 34% of the entire global population uses email. This is about 2.5 billion people. Email marketing also provides for a personal way of reaching out to the customers. You can tailor the messages to create relevant communication with the customers to draw their areas of interest.

There are several advantages to administering the email marketing strategy. Let us take a look at some of them-

  1. Produces good results than social media

While you cannot deny the importance of social media, the technology of email has proved more effective in business marketing strategies. Although the channel of social media is great for interacting with the customers and building up a personal relationship with them, sending Bulk Email Service Kolkata helps in marketing the product in a better manner. In another study conducted recently, data has revealed that almost 81% and 80% of the respondents said that email marketing drives effective customer retention and acquisition. You can follow this by other tactics like organic search, which further boosted the results.

  1. Data is measurable

When the marketers know what is right and what is wrong, it brings a lot of improvement in their campaigns. This way, you can also gain insights about other initiatives.

Knowing about open rate metrics enables one to judge how many people have responded to the bulk email that you had sent. A quick way to improve the open rates is to input an intriguing subject line. Making the subject line very eye-catching brings beneficial results for the company.

Another vital metric which you should examine is the CTR or the Click Through Rate. This shows the number of people who have clicked on the link given within the email. Know that if a particular type of phrasing works the best in generating more CTRs, try to utilize that.

  1. Generates higher sales

At the end of the day, the entire business is about gaining profits from sales. Once you implement the technique of Email marketing correctly, the sales rate goes up by a significant number. Through progressive profiling, lead scoring, and an email campaign organization, you can realize when a customer is primed to make a purchase. Knowing about the position of the customer also makes you realize when you can start using aggressive sales-based messaging. By allowing the customers to express their desire for purchase before sending them any promotional, bulk email makes them happier and content.

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