Business Advertising Campaign: Google Adwords Vs Facebook Ads

Difference Between Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

Are you using Google Adwords or are you inclined towards Facebook Ads? Want to get a clearer perspective? As the best Social Media marketing company now. 

Every online marketing company is aware of the powers and the scope of various advertising campaigns. When discussing search engine giant Google and the biggest social media platform, Facebook. You need to be completely aware of their multiple features for implementing in your business. 

If you are an entrepreneur or have your own niche business.  It is imperative for you to know the key differences between Facebook and Google Ads. So that you leverage each platform to the best of your abilities. 

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Underlying Principles to Use Them Correctly:-

The Intent of the Ads:-

  • The first major difference is the underlying intent in the two ads. Google is a search engine therefore audiences use it to search for something specific according to their requirements. It has a pull marketing strategy and it is in the best interest of advertisers who show ads matching the search query. Therefore it is best for a marketer to advertise their products specifically matching the search intent in order to increase conversion rates for ads. 
  • On the other hand, Facebook shows ads based on a user’s interest. This social media platform gives the luxury to show ads to people who are not even searching for your products. While scrolling through the news feed, a user can come across your ad and if it interests them, they can be easily guided to that product or service. Thus Facebook ads are the best when you want to spread brand awareness. 

Cost Per Click:-

  • Another difference between Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is the average CPC or cost per click. When you ask any social media marketing company in Kolkata, they will give you the correct account statistics. Adwords let you spend more than $100 per click in an immensely competitive market. Facebook on the other hand lets you spend very less as much as $0.25 per click depending on the CTR and the various targeting factors related to your ad.
  • You might initially feel that it is better to spend on Facebook ads as it is quite inexpensive but the catch is AdWords converts at a 10 times higher rate due to its cost per acquisition formula. Though it is true that both the platforms have their own pros but finances in business and return on investment are key parameters to consider. 

Try out both the options and see which works best for your business. If you face any doubt or have any queries, reach out to  GetTraffic. The leading digital marketing company that provides SEO services in Kolkata.