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What is Semantic Search And How You Can Take Advantages Of It?

semantic search concept

Semantic search is a new concept in SEO service in Kolkata. It refers to the data searching technique where a search query aims at finding the intent of keywords. 

Intent and content are two important terms in Semantic search. Intent refers to the term a user searches for and content gives meaning to any search. Let’s know more about semantic search from the biggest SEO service agency in Kolkata

2 Most Important Components In Semantic Searches

  • Knowledge Graph

One of the first and undoubtedly the most significant steps by Google was the creation of Knowledge Graph. Google made the first introduction of the concept of things and not strings. The knowledge graph is a massive database including tons of data relevant to public domain information. These may include bits and pieces of data from everywhere. 

  • Search Entities

Search entities are an integral part of semantic search as they allow the bots to comprehend the user intent query.  Especially, when mapping lots of verified sources for an answer. This, ultimately, indicates the importance of developing your unique semantic entities. This is where structure data comes into play. If you use it correctly, structure data can convey more data about a website to both, the search engines and the users.  

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What are the benefits of working with the best SEO Company?


In today’s world, having an online presence in the marketplace ensures that are up to date with the marketing world. With billions and billions of people using the internet, having an online presence of your business paves the way to reach those billions of people with ease. A Search Engine Optimization Agency makes sure that your business website is optimized well that will drive more traffic, will increase sales, and will bring more conversions. Here are some of the benefits of availing the services offered by an SEO agency.

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Efficient Practices to Make Your SEO URL Creditable

When you want to find any information about the structure of URL’s on the web it is seen that most of the people do not get enough information. But, it is important that you do the best practices to get maximum results in your SEO efforts. URL does play a crucial role when you actually do online promotion and there are some definite practices which you must follow in the pages you have created. The practice is more important when it comes to e-commerce stores where an SEO can find hundreds of URLs. A healthy URL means it becomes easier for Google or any other kind of search engines to rank your website in a better way. Here are some of the key factors which you need to look after:-

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Adjoin the WWW and the non- WWW edition of the domain – There is mainly two domain that is been indexed by the popular search engines – WWW and non- WWW. But to get the effective result it is important that you club up both the versions.

Better Readability score – All the technical elements which include the entire structure of the URL among it the most important aspect is that how efficiently the users are able to read the content. Accessibility is one of the major factors for ranking the search engines and also it gives a signal to the search engines to determine visitors of each page. The URL has to be very clean as well as users should properly understand it. Continue reading Efficient Practices to Make Your SEO URL Creditable

Effective Time Management Ideas for Every Link Builders

If you are among one of that person if you think that SEO work is only related to filling the Metadata with suitable keywords and sharing those links in some forums then absolutely you are wrong. SEO is something much more that and also if you just try to build up links only from some directories or forums then it is certain that your page rankings will really hit badly.

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In today’s scenario, the work of the SEO is much more than only doing the above-stated jobs. They need to write some good quality content that will allow the visitors to read a good copy as well as the links should be conversion centric. So, the question arises how to complete all the work keeping the quality high? Even the SEO experts of the renowned SEO Company in Kolkata face the same problems.  Thus, here are some factors that are essential and also will help to manage time effectively. Continue reading Effective Time Management Ideas for Every Link Builders