Choosing the Right Web Development in 2020 – Shared –vs- Cloud Hosting

Web Development Company

Today companies often struggle to select the best Web Development Company for them. It depends on your business requirements as to which hosting best suits your company.

For your business, a good website is utmost important, in fact, if it faces downtime issues, the brand and the bottom line of your company can suffer. Web hosting plays a key role in creating a fast and user-friendly website and enhances customer experiences. This is irrespective of the nature of the website and the type of the business.The Best Web Development Company takes into consideration the right website development and hosting services that it offers to its clients. As we know, in the back end, websites are a collection of HTML files and  hosting platforms hold them. So, it is highly essential to decide on the right website hosting strategy. You should select the appropriate storage platforms based on the security, latency and uptime and performance needs of customers. A right choice in this regard results in a scalable web hosting platform which in turn enhances customer experiences.

Web Hosting Comprises Of Shared Hosting And Cloud Hosting:

There are two types of Web Hosting we practice. One is Shared Hosting while the other is Cloud Hosting. Shared Hosting is the type of web hosting when multiple websites are there in a single server location. This server shares a lot of resources like bandwidth, memory, disk, computing power etc. While cloud hosting practices storage of the website and related information across many servers across the globe in a decentralized manner. This helps the latter to offer features like the speed of accessibility to the websites, reliability against down times, security etc. to customers. These features are additional to what shared hosting services are capable of providing.

Which Is Better In 2020 – Shared Hosting And Cloud Hosting?

High Uptime And Availability Of The Hosted Website 

Who in the world would be happy to get a blank screen when trying to search for something important? When you search for some product or services, you would want server outage to happen as the last thing. In such a scenario, cloud hosting can offer you more relief than shared hosting. In case of cloud hosting services, because the website’s applications and databases are there across multiple servers, this ensures high availability. Thus there is almost no chance of downtime for the whole website, as another server will be running to support.

Scalability And Higher Resource Utilization

While you are opting for shared hosting, you are in fact paying for some predefined space in the server. The amount of space you are renting depends on your present business requirements or on some requirement you envision in the coming days. However, in reality, things may turn different from your expectations. This results in paying for excess space that turns out to be useless. Also, underpaying as your business may pick up faster than you expected. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, provides flexibility through the allocation of storage based on pay as you go. Thus as you see surge in website traffic you can cope up by buying extra spaces. This helps you always maximize your return on investments.

Website Surfing Speed

Shared services related servers are mostly over-utilized carrying traffic load coming for various websites it is handling. Moreover, there is no proper mechanism for load balancing as well. Thus if for a website, traffic spikes suddenly, it impacts the performance of other websites hosted in the same server. That’s not the case for cloud-based hosting. The latter has capabilities to balance among different servers in the environment. It also provides robust hardware support, cache layers to facilitate the loading speeds.

Cybersecurity Aspects To Consider

This is a major risk standing in 2020. In case some compromise happens for a shared hosting server, you will see vulnerability in all the websites and data. On the other hand, cloud hosting provides mechanisms and functionalities. These can be preventive, corrective and detective capabilities to create a buffer against the malicious invasion and cyber eavesdropping. 


With these comparisons in place, you need to perform due diligence considering multiple other factors. You may consider budget, business volume, locations of business and choosing the right web development services. Gettraffic takes into consideration all the crucial factors and implements what is best for your business.