Decode your Business Success Rate Via Digital Marketing Analysis

 Data Analytics On Digital Marketing

Prioritize data to get a  clear view of your business marketing strategy. Know from the best digital marketing company in Kolkata about the value of Data analytics. 

Marketers are always trying to better their understanding of their target audience and are constantly updating their marketing campaigns. While web analytics are useful in providing insights for the performance of your website. Web marketers need a much detailed tool to understand the impact of their campaigns. Online marketing analytics provide a comprehensive answer to the most important question- What strategies are working for your digital marketing agency in India and what isn’t? 

In today’s date, learning how you can leverage online marketing analytics to improve your campaigns is very crucial. But before treading that zone, let us take a look at the most popular marketing metrics

Top Digital Marketing Metrics that You Should Know:-

Internet marketing metrics are a marketer’s best friend as they help in determining the success of various marketing efforts. Here are some of the most popular actionable metrics that will give you a clearer knowledge of the impact of your campaigns.

  • Page View:- Every time your tracking code loads, your browser measures the pager view.
  • Sessions: The activities that a user undertakes on your website, your browsing events, and also, CTA fall under session. After 30 mins of inactivity, your session expires.
  • Bounce Rates:- Represents the percentage of the audience to visited your site but failed in taking any actions.
  • Traffic:- The number visits your site garners in a particular time-frame.
  • Landing Pages:- This metric analyzes how you are greeting your customers. Also, you need to optimize landing pages in such a way that it easily engage readers
  • Segmentation:- Personalizations are the key to giving your clients a rich experience. Based on consumer demographics, the filtering of data becomes easier. 
  • Engagement Rate:- Lists the total number of customer interactions on your posts and also, blogs in the form of likes, comments, clicks, etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Analytics:-

If you ask a digital marketing company near you how digital marketing analytics connects every business, this is what they will say:

  1. By incorporating the correct digital marketing analytics, you can also, understand the advantages of their entire marketing strategy. 
  2. Also, it helps to determine the actual ROI of your marketing campaigns. 
  3. A social media marketing company in Kolkata uses marketing analytics to identify how each of their marketing initiatives like blogging, email marketing, etc are shaping. 
  4. Also, gives you an account of how customers’ are responding to your campaigns, what are the loopholes, and where you can improve.
  5. Also, with the help of analytics, you can gauge how successful you are in achieving your business goals. 

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