Digital Marketing Platforms That Are Enterpreneurs’ Favourite

digital marketing channels

Entrepreneurs are always in awe of a digital marketing agency Kolkata. Here are some popular online marketing platforms that almost every businessman uses. 

In the present digital marketing landscape, there are several tech tools as well as platforms for helping your way out. From countless tech tools to platforms, you can easily reach your marketing goals. Know how a content marketing service in Kolkata is an excellent part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Favorite Digital Marketing Platforms For Advertisement 

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads 

Owing to its large consumer base, social media has become an easy-to-use ad platform. Facebook is a popular platform for its several advertising targeting options. Now, they also provide advertisers with the option to select from the following types of ads: 

  1. Interstitial of full-screen ads
  2. Native ads
  3. In-stream video ads 
  4. Banner ads
  5. Rewarded video ads 

Furthermore, Instagram is another great option for advertisers. Because it is a mobile-first network made with a mobile audience in mind. Facebook’s ad platform can manage both Instagram and Facebook ads. 

  • Google Ads 

Using Google Ads can help you to show your ad on both mobile and desktop devices. While optimizing display ads, you can optimize device targeting for targeting only tablet and smartphone users. Furthermore, this platform allows you to publish ads within browsers, apps as well as Google search results. There are three basic types of ads you can show on tablets and smartphones:

  1. Image and text ads
  2. Video and image app promotion ads
  3. True view ads for promotion app campaigns
  • LinkedIn 

Entrepreneurs who like B2B advertising mainly prefer LinkedIn. It can not only customize your ad but also make it highly targeted for a buyer’s persona. The most intriguing fact about LinkedIn is that you can easily target your ad to the user’s profession. Instead of doing it like Facebook. This allows B2B brands to stay on top of mind to the users they are aiming to focus on. 

  • Blogging 

While content marketing may have a slow burn, it has a great potential of influencing the mind of people. Furthermore, it can become one of the most valued lead gen sources among all marketing mixes. Blogging has an influence on your user. Hence, good content is the base of a well-crafted marketing strategy. 

  • Quora 

A high volume of potential leads comes through Quora. When you recombine it with Google and Facebook, it becomes a great way to advertise your products. Later, it pushes them down the funnel via remarketing. 


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