Discover How Are Google Ads Different Than Facebook Ads

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While availing of PPC services Kolkata, it can sometimes be difficult to choose between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Learn the difference between the two here. 

You must make an informed decision while making a choice between Facebook Ads and Google Ads. To do this, every social media marketing company in Kolkata determines which is more appropriate for their business. You can also identify it by the amount you are willing to pay for the conversion. 

The Concept Of Google Ads And Facebook Ads 

Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising medium that runs advertisements, paid for by brands. Previously, it was known as Google AdWords. Furthermore, the ads appear in the search results on Google or other websites via Display Networks. The base of Google Ads is the search network that allows advertisers to present their business ads to different users. Especially, the ones actively searching for products and services offered by your company. 

Facebook Ads are also paid ads. As the name suggests, it appears on Facebook. Additionally, Facebook Ads can appear in several other places such as Instagram Newsfeed, Facebook newsfeed, and the Facebook marketplace. Facebook is becoming extremely competitive over the years, thereby inviting tons of business owners. The highest number of monthly active users are on Facebook in comparison to any other social media platform. 

Benefits Of Google Ads 

  • When it comes to Google Ads, one is bound to mention its large audience reach. Google manages more than 75,000 search queries every two seconds. Moreover, it has the potential to reach and engage new users with every single search.
  • With the growth of Google Ads, the number of ad formats available in it has also grown. Besides, advertisers also get endless options of add-ons including site link extensions, price extensions and much more. 

Perks Of Facebook Ads 

  • Facebook Ads let companies target their prospective audience with ease. Presently, there are more than 2.37 billion users on Facebook and the number keeps growing. So, audience targeting is particularly convenient with Facebook ads. 
  • In comparison to Google, Facebook is a more affordable advertising platform. On average, Facebook CPCs are 56 per cent lower than their Google counterparts. On the other hand, Google costs significantly more. 
  • A greater advantage of Facebook ads is how seamless and visual these ads are to the audience. Furthermore, it blends into a user’s Newsfeed along with the images, videos and other content without disturbing the flow of information. 


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