Discover The Benefits & Importance Of PPC & SEO Services In Kolkata

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Your company’s unique goals and objectives define marketing strategies. Know the importance of PPC marketing & SEO services in your business. 

Your first step in the digital world can be a little overwhelming.  There are many different channels and platforms that you can leverage to promote your brand. Starting from SEO to PPC services in Kolkata, you have the opportunity to use two of the best digital marketing tools to build your brand’s presence in this cut-throat competitive industry. 

PPC Marketing

One of the most popular platforms where you can incorporate your PPC ad campaigns is Google Ad words. Here, the website ROI is easily measurable and you can also calculate the conversions. PPC marketing companies in Kolkata deploy two types of ads which include: 

  • Display network
  • Search network

The display ads include banner ads for other websites through which you can re-target the potential audiences. They might have visited your website but navigated away without making any valuable purchases. Search ads, on the other hand, include texts in the ad. These ads show up when the users search for something after imputing particular keywords. 

Pros Of PPC

  • Provides fast results
  • Results are easily measurable
  • Reaches your target audience
  • Increases brand recognition
  • Opens door for local customers

Search Engine Optimization

SEO concerns organic traffic. Or, simply put, traffic that arrives at your site organically and not from advertisements. This takes place when users click on organic search results. 

Google decides the order of all search results through a series of algorithms. Their decision-making process is confidential and proprietary, but good Search Engine Optimization agencies in Kolkata understand how to move sites up in search results. The higher sites appear in search engine results, the more qualified the traffic.

Pros Of SEO

  • Improves Credibility & Trust
  • Provides 24/7 Promotion
  • Targets the Entire Marketing Funnel
  • Reaches Your Entire Target Audience
  • Optimizes User Experience
  • Enhances PPC Success

What Is The Connection Between PPC & SEO?

  • Searchers who see your ad may be more likely to also click on your organic search result
  • Searchers who have previously been exposed to your brand are more likely to click and convert
  • Searches with high paid traffic can impact organic CTR
  • Links in paid ads can produce increased site traffic. Which, in turn, can lead to greater site exposure via media or social media coverage

If you want to increase your website traffic faster by paying adequate money for it, PPC is a good choice. However, if you are operating on a shoestring budget, investing in SEO seems more appropriate. Contact Gettraffic, the leading digital marketing company to know more.