How Can Email Marketing Boost The Growth Of The Businesses?

Email Marketing Agency in Kolkata


For any business to prosper successfully, implementing the right strategies is essential. Email marketing is one such valuable tool, helping companies from across the globe to expand and grow. Statistics read that almost 34% of the users use and read emails every day. This constitutes nearly 2.5 billion people. Email is thus one of the most beneficial and vibrant means to connect to people from any part of the world. When used by the right Email Marketing Agency In Kolkata, it can connect with the customers in a highly targeted manner while staying on budget.

Today, the marketing world is witnessing a massive revolution. The pace of innovation, originality, and the number of resources available to the marketers is infinite. Studies say that there are almost 43 marketing categories, including SEO, sales enablement, mobile analytics, social media marketing, content writing, etc. However, the category/technique email marketing continues to outperform the rest.

For ten years at a stretch, email marketing is said to generate the highest number of ROI, hence bringing a plethora of new opportunities for the businesses. When used by the right email marketing agency in Kolkata, it can connect with the customers in a highly targeted manner while staying on budget.

Every small to big organization benefits incredibly from email marketing. The key is to stay transparent, straightforward, and honest. Generic, unsolicited emails are increasingly losing ground, as more modern consumers respond to organic approaches. Besides, you should also keep in mind the challenge of growing subscribers given the rate of competition in the market. Hence, every newsletter should have standard and engaging content that will draw the attention of all.

Here are some of the most prominent ways how email marketing strategy helps any company expand

  • Reach Is Large :

Facebook encourages almost 1 billion active users, while Twitter does 255 million users. Many find it tempting to believe that social media marketing is the most effective. However, the total number of email accounts surpasses all these numbers.
When you go to register your identity in any website or online store, the first thing they ask for is your email address. Even to open an account on Twitter or Facebook, having an email id is a must. All the notifications come in your email address. Email is, therefore, the currency of the web. Anybody online should have an active email address. This also prevents the chances of data breaching and breaking of privacy.

  • It Drives Conversion Rates :

    One of the main focuses of every marketer is to drive more conversion. Regardless of whether this happens in the form of leads, memberships, sales, or metrics, email marketing enables every business to reach their ultimate goal – the goal of turning potential customers into paying ones.  The average click-through rate of any email campaign is 3%, while that of the tweets is 0.5%. This means there is a 6x more chance of getting website traffic via email than any other social media channel. Studies also state that 4.24% of the visitors/buyers/purchaser come from email campaigns than any other search engine or social media channel. Moreover, email is greatly measurable. This way, you can have real-time access to the metrics like open email rates, clicks, and bounces, forwards and social shares, etc.
  • It Is Mobile Friendly :

60% of users read emails on mobile and smartphone devices. Since the number of smartphone users is increasing every day, people find it more convenient to check their emails here. It is not at all time consuming and also very cost-effective. An open communication platform, a multitude of services are sent and received through this, and the benefits gained.
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