Experience the Magic of Visual Storytelling: Instagram Marketing

How to grow your business via instagram

Is your business on Instagram? Congrats if it is a yes but thumbs down if not. With 1.1 billion active users, Instagram is great as per social media marketing companies.

Social media marketing companies in Kolkata are always on the go, creating and designing exclusive campaigns to ace the social media game. The marketers devise strategic plans to help brands reach new customers, promote their products and services, and also engage with existing customers to build brand awareness. 

With a shift from traditional marketing techniques to digital marketing, social media rules the bigger picture. It may sound overwhelming initially but the truth is using social media platforms have its own share of perks that exceed sales. 

Among the various social media platforms, Instagram is the newfound love of millennials and most businesses. The video and photo-sharing platform has been successful in attracting thousands of eyeballs from prominent organizations as well as small businesses. But to gain success, it is important you brand yourself or market your business well, for diversifying your reach and garnering more followers.  Do you want to turn your followers into reliable customers? Want to create a great first impression with your new client when he lands on your Instagram profile?  Get tips on Instagram marketing from the most reliable social media marketing company in Kolkata. 

Strategies to Ace Your Instagram Marketing:-

  • Knowing Your Audience: Try using Instagram insights to know your audience well. The kind of content that perks their interest, where they come from. Their demographics, what expectations do they have from brands, etc. With Business Analytics tools,  brands can now track critical data such as reach, engagement, impressions,  saves, likes, and comments. 
  • Explore Various Features: We know how photos are great in perking up engagements. But it is always better to try on new evolving features to know what works best for your brand. There are other interesting ways to capture your audience’s attention. Leverage videos, boomerangs, stories to show your creativity and make your content interesting. 
  • Hashtags and CTAs: Hashtags give you the power to project your products and service to the right audience. But the catch is to use relevant hashtags that will lead your target audience to your page. The one advice that we will give is to keep your count of hashtags within the limit and do not spam with irrelevant hashtags. 

Another important factor that you should never miss out on is a good Call To Action option. It immediately tells your audience what is the next process to follow whether to buy the product or visit your website etc. 
The avenues of Instagram marketing are quite large and the possibilities are endless. For combining your business with the right kind of strategy. Get in touch with GetTraffic, for availing of digital marketing services in India.