Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram: Which Is Better For Business?

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Choosing the correct social media platforms for your brand is a crucial decision. Refer to the best social media marketing company in Kolkata to enhance your business promotion.

Professionals from online marketing agencies in Kolkata are rooting for social media platforms to boost their business sales and profits. As India is progressing towards a digital reality, the mode of conducting business is also witnessing a drastic change. Major brands are targeting social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for custom targeting their audience. There are a number of platforms evolving every day, and also, marketers are always searching for the best one for their business. 

The Difference In Marketing Strategies Of Various Platforms:-

Facebook Marketing: 

Facebook has the largest user base that accounts for 2.45 billion and also, convincingly it is the largest social media platform. Almost every big or small company that understands the importance of digital marketing has a business account on Facebook. It has a newsfeed algorithm, convenient to manage posts, images, videos, and also, allows easy interaction with the audience. With the help of Facebook Insights, you can analyze how well your Facebook marketing strategy is working. 


Twitter is a social networking platform where registered users interact with each other using tweets. The site has become best for businesses to share company updates, share industry news, and get to engage with a large audience. According to a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata, Twitter is a cost-effective method of interacting with a wide customer base and reaching a new audience every single day. Since customers know you through the content you put forward, it is imperative to strategize your content marketing strategy well to drive more attention. 


Instagram, the largest photo-sharing app allows users to follow each other’s friends or celebrities, or influencers. However, with time it evolved into one of the major marketing tools for numerous brands and businesses. After setting up a business account on this app. You can engage your target audience through high-quality images and short videos. This helps to promote your videos in a more artistic way such that it creates better interactions and a lasting impression on the user’s mind. The latest buzz on Instagram is using hashtags in posts. It not only promotes the product or service but also lets the audience find you easily. 


Snapchat evolved as a messaging app that allowed users to send images given that these would dissolve after 10 seconds. But now, the platform has become a full-fledged social network site where the developers are constantly adding new features. Snapcode, Geofilters, GhostCodes, Discover, Snap Ads, are very few tools that are popular among most brands. These brands target the new millennials to sell their products and also, Snapchat is the leader of the pack in this scenario. 


Thus, which platform is better depends on what product or service you are promoting and your target audience. For effective organic traffic, better lead conversion, enhanced ROI and better search ranking consult Gettraffic. The best Digital Marketing Agency In Kolkata. Make a lasting impression of your brand on various social media platforms after understanding your brand’s requirements.