Facebook’s New Features That Marketers Should Not Overlook

facebook features

Social media has allowed your company to communicate opinions and ideas pertinent to the industry. Know about new Facebook features from social media agency in Kolkata

Marketing on Facebook changes so quickly that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest features, trends, and advertising specifications. Because of this, even the most experienced marketers may not know all the Facebook advertising tricks and tips that will give you the most benefits. But there are experts from a social media marketing agency in Kolkata who keep themselves abreast of the latest news. 

What’s new on Facebook? 

If you use the platform regularly, you may have noticed aesthetic changes and usability improvements to the platform. There are also some hidden Facebook features of his that are useful if you know where to look. Overall, these updates ensure a streamlined user experience. 

  1. New layout and dark mode: Facebook has introduced a new layout and dark mode for Timeline. To enable Dark Mode, go to your profile settings menu and scroll to Dark Mode. When turned on, the screen contrast changes and the UI becomes darker. To access Dark Mode, you’ll need to enable Facebook’s new layout on your profile. The rest of the new layout includes many of the same features that the Facebook mobile app has had for years, including changes to the overall interface design, separate tabs for groups, and the addition of sidebar customization options.
  2. Desktop Facebook Messenger: Facebook also released a separate desktop messenger app. The desktop app simply enables the user to use Facebook Messenger through a separate software on their desktop without accessing their Facebook timeline. It has all of the same functionality and usability as the mobile app.
  3. Silent mode: Users of the Facebook app can disable and quiet all notifications using the straightforward but crucial function known as Quiet Mode. This feature seeks to motivate consumers to cut back on screen time and spend time away from Facebook in order to limit the number of days when their phone is constantly in their hands.

What new Facebook features are a social media agency in Kolkata making use of?

Facebook is one of the most valuable venues for marketers to reach their customers. Why? Because it draws millions of users every day. While many changes enhanced the user experience, managing a business’ Facebook presence has also become simpler as a result. The ways that marketers market to their audiences on Facebook are becoming more straightforward thanks to advancements in creator-focused solutions.


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