Know The Different Types Of Google Ads And Their Uses

google ads


Google has varied types. Google Ads Management help you stand out in the market. Below mentioned are the types under which you can advertise your brand or company.

Search Network Campaign-

You might have come across advertisements on your search page. When you are on a search engine like Google, various ads appear on corners of your screen. These ads target all users coming on the search engine. These ads are called search network campaign ads. Suppose you have specifically searched for something, the history of your search remembers your preferences. They display those ads accordingly. They show you the other similar products with referential details and the price. These ads have the distinct power of influencing people. Generally people offering a particular service uses it. Suppose you do mehendi. So you create your keyword mehendi. Whenever someone types mehendi your ad pops up in written formats

Display Network Campaign-

These are important ads that disturbs the audience to make its presence felt. This is necessary because when someone is concentrating on something it is the best to influence. These are ads that pop up on the webpages. They have a picture with allowances, offers and discounts. These ads have real display setting asking either to click or swipe. These ads, when clicked or swiped takes the user to the linked website. Here the user can shop. These ads target necessary user, who might be interested to avail the services at the right time. These are generally used by business enhancing sectors. For example housing ads, service ads ets.

Shopping Campaign-

Shopping campaign is the ad that gives the ad of a product with its price tags. When you come on the search page and you start searching, these ads appear. They help the customer to note the price and then visit the site. They get the view of the product even before they have clicked the ad. Shopping sites use this . Ecommerce portals use this to display their products .

Video Campaign-

This is generally found in apps or when we go to a webpage. The video plays on. YouTube also does video campaign before it starts the actual video. Suppose a product’s video advertisement is shown before a video you want to see. You do have the option to skip the ad. These are video campaigns used by service offering portals, product selling portals and also facility selling portals.

App Campaign –

These are a bit different. These are basically themed ads. There are set of advertisements that together advertises a single phenomenon. Also sometimes they deliver the same message within a series of ads. Sometimes they are used by the new brands to create consciousness of their existence.

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