Here’s The Comprehensive Guide To A Perfect Technical SEO Audit

Technical audit for websites

Did you know about technical SEO Audit? If not, then read this blog by the best SEO service agency in Kolkata. This technical SEO checklist is your ultimate guide. 

In order to make your site perform optimally for SERP, you have to ensure that your technical SEO strategy is flawless. SEO service in Kolkata sends crawlers to your website and further, analyzes the JavaScript, HTML code and their performance. 

The Concept Of A Technical SEO Audit 

  • A technical SEO audit is a procedure that identifies technical parts of a site. Further, it ensures they are incorporating the best practices for search engine optimization. This indicates technical parts of your website that have direct relations to ranking factors for search engines such as Bing or Google. Moreover, one can do the audit checklist with simple things like an Excel file. 
  • A lot of technical SEO elements incorporate HTML elements, website code and proper meta tags. Additionally, JavaScript is also a significant addition. For a technical SEO checklist, it is not important to identify separately. However, technical SEO is critical because it indicates checking under the website hood for more complicating issues. 
  • Thirdly, it means checking the technical issues that can otherwise damage the user experience. They cause an interruption in the smooth functioning of your website. Besides, an audit checklist can mean working step-by-step through our guide and creating a note of any problems. By determining what issues to find, you will be able to keep them aside and address them accordingly. 

Technical Audit Checklist For Your Website 

  1. Ensure your content is visible 

While content is not a “technical” SEO ranking factor, it is definitely a ranking factor. Hence, it is a great idea to make it visible to all search engines. Moreover, it gives a good first impression of your website to every customer. 

  1. Setting up of analytics

If Google Analytics tracking is set up for your website, it is important to ensure that it is functioning efficiently. All you need to do is check the source code of your home page, category pages and product pages. Certain CMSs manage page templates in a way that makes sure that tracking is consistent.

  1. Google’s Tag Assistant 

The plugin of Google’s Tag Assistant Browser can be useful for verifying the tracking code installation. If you have already installed the plugin, tap on the icon while you are on the page and then click “Enable”. Further, reload the page and then tap the Tag Assistant icon button. 


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