How Can Your Business Gain From The Correct SEO Strategies?

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The aim of an SEO professional from a reputed digital marketing agency in Kolkata is to establish strategies and build strong foundation of your website such that it is easily discoverable. 

In the initial days when Yahoo and Google stepped in to improve and simplify data indexing and delivery, marketers then used any practices in the name of SEO. Right from keyword stuffing, excessive tagging, too spammy backlinks to generate high rankings in search. As time went by, Google took charge of developing a more level playing field for brands and content producers to earn rankings. This was the time when there were new updates, rules, and codes that aimed to improve the ranking system. In addition, the birth of local SEO helped connect users with valuable information near them such as maps, locations, store hours, & mobile results.

The SEO service agencies in Kolkata are well aware of the technical know-how. If your content has relevant information that satisfies a user’s search query, your website has a better chance of getting recognized. Moreover, they can make recommendations on how to enhance outputs by tracking your implemented strategy.

What Are The Key Changes In SEO Strategies In Kolkata?

  1. Increasing Mobile Search 

With the use of modern SEO techniques, there is a breakthrough in the number of users operating handsets or mobile devices. They made Google push towards ‘mobile-first indexing.’ The phrase simply means Google considers the mobile version of the content on a website for ranking as well as indexing it. 

  1. Google’s AI Algorithms

Today, Google’s AI algorithms work like RankBrain. RankBrain refers to a machine-learning kind of search algorithm. It helps Google to process search queries as well as provides more significant and contextual results. Users receive the best results depending on the intent of their search. 

  1. Rich Snippets

Rich snippets came into use in May 2009, when Google first made its introduction to the world. They are the most ideal method to help users find a ton of information on the SERP. So, the users will get to see everything on the Search Engine Results Page without actually visiting a website. The information on this page includes votes, read time, ratings, calories, etc. 


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