How Covid-19 Is Influencing The E-commerce And Digital Sectors?

Digital marketing in pandemic

Businesses going digital” is possibly the most common line you’ve heard during the covid-19 pandemic. Read this blog and know what a social media agency in Kolkata says. 

As lockdowns became prevalent, both businesses and customers went increasingly digital. This paved the way for providing as well as buying more products and services online. Every digital marketing agency, Kolkata.

How Covid-19 Is Changing The Digital Marketing Landscape?

  1. The pandemic is accelerating the transformation to digital shopping. Research in the US depicts that customers spent nearly $347.26 billion while shopping online. The number was insanely high during the first six months of 2020, 30.1% greater than in 2019. 
  2. Next, another study proves that online shopping continues to soar among customers. Although, a lot of companies are reopening their doors. A number of major retailers are gaining advantages from the rapid transformation to eCommerce during the Covid-19 pandemic. Customers are processing the new information on it and then altering their buying decisions. 
  3. There are also differences in purchasing behavior due to social distancing. Half of the internet users still avoid going to malls and shopping centers. If the fallout turns worst, nearly three-quarters will steer clear from shopping malls altogether. 
  4. Moreover, the percentage of online sales continues to fluctuate between different sectors. For example, the electronics market has sales of nearly 42.7% whereas the automobile industry has 3.9%. Another sector that is witnessing a large boost is grocery delivery. It is because of consumer concerns regarding store visits. 

Covid-19: Challenges And Opportunities For eCommerce

  • With the aim to keep shipping costs in check, many retailers are encouraging consumers to purchase online and pick up in-store. Costs associated with last-stage returns and delivery has a significant influence on retail margins. Customers are shifting towards digital purchasing and avoiding public gatherings. 
  • Consumers purchasing online during the holidays are seen to repeat their buying pattern after holidays. This highlights that customers will return to the same buying process again and may do so even after the pandemic. In some regions, there is less competition among advertisers that are running campaigns. 
  • A potential issue in eCommerce at present is the product shortage and decreasing customer demand. This may blunt e-commerce development if the economy falters. Additionally, the creation of convenient ways for customers to shop with a pick, drive, and same-day delivery is another struggle. 
  • Lastly, the surge in online shopping builds pressure on brands to fulfill them. 

To Conclude

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