How Do PPC And SEO Work Hand-In-Hand For Search Marketing?

Did you know that search marketing is incomplete without SEO as well as PPC. Let’s gain a complete idea from the best search engine optimization agency in Kolkata. 

Search for any local marketing agency Kolkata and mostly you will find there are two separate departments. One serves the Pay-per-click needs while the other does the search engine optimization part. Even though they run parallel to each other, most of the time they end up competing. 

 How To Use Organic SEO And PPC Together In Search Marketing? 

To take the benefits of organic search as well as PPC connections, you have to welcome two teams together. Both of them must understand how to work to achieve the common goal. For instance, if you want to maximize exposure for your organic keywords, make sure to construct a campaign like this: 

  • Allow your paid search and organic teams to work together. This will let them set goals and work according to them. 
  • Keep your focus on bringing them together for a higher search volume as well as clicks. However, a page ranking between 4 to 10 with PPC keywords generally performs well. Brands like Get Traffic help you to accomplish this goal easily. This also filters your keywords for ranking on page 1 in PPC campaigns. 
  • Create a campaign that focuses on the exposure of both sets of keywords. The best companies allow you to use the dashboard for tracking traffic from your organic keywords. All you need is a prior little exposure along with the success of your PPC campaigns. 
  • Throughout the campaign, you have to monitor how well your keywords have been performing. Further, you can also keep a track of your competitors. This will enable you to alert new prospective keywords that you can use. Addressing potential holes in your own campaign will also become easy. 

The Difference Between SEO And PPC 

However, there are tons of differences when you optimize SEO and PPC for your paid marketing. While PPC ads drive the prospects to take any action, SEO aims for a better ranking on search results. 

On the other hand, SEO is capable enough of bringing more traffic to your website than PPC campaigns. Google presents the search results that will meet the searcher’s search intent. 

In terms of cost, search engine optimization is a much more affordable option. Because of higher efficiency, PPC costs you more than SEO. The former ensures you that you are getting paid every time someone clicks on your advertisements. 


It’s time for your brand to maximize the level of paid marketing efforts. Contact the best digital marketing agency Kolkata, Get Traffic today. They have a team of professionals who combine both SEO and PPC efforts for the success of your company.