How Has SEO Tactics Changed In The Last Few Years?

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Know the changes in SEO tactics & how your service provider in Kolkata can help you implement them in your business.

There have been a lot of changes in the Google algorithm and in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the initial days, there was a concept of keyword stuffing unnecessarily,  tweaking back-end code, and spamming links in order to rank well for the keywords. However, much to everyone’s dismay, Google stamped out those practices quickly. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization agencies in Kolkata are helping clients understand the new-age trends and the alterations that they should implement in the business. 

SEO Tactics And Google Approaches Changed In The Last Few Years-

  • The Importance Of Content:  There’s the rise of content marketing as part of a successful SEO strategy. Google has steadily refined what it considers to be “good” content over the years. Content marketing has become a useful resource for making your business known to the audience through high Google rankings. The brands that are enjoying the topmost position in the SERP results are the ones who produce the most valuable, useful, and informative content. 
  • Mobile Prioritization: The popularity of mobile devices cannot go unnoticed. Google has done everything it can to emphasize the importance of optimizing websites for mobile users. The shift from desktop users to mobile users has been pretty massive. Marketers should leave no stones unturned to twerk their strategies to accommodate this. 
  • Death Of Link Building Schemes: Previously, many people participated in link-building schemes that gave their website numerous fake links from various sources to increase rankings. Like all other black hat SEO techniques, Google caught on and now penalizes, bans, or de-lists websites that take part in these link schemes. SEO services in Kolkata emphasize promoting websites that gain links in a natural way. To increase the credibility of any new website, backlinks are one of the most powerful Google search engine ranking signals. A link from a site that has greater domain authority carries more weight than any local blog. 

Final Thoughts-

With new techniques and tools always on the rise, it is needless to say that being aware of the latest techniques is imperative. Even SEO service agencies in Kolkata might preach to be the best in business to lure more customers but they might lack important knowledge. Only by implementing the latest SEO strategies can you expect to stand out from others in the market.

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