How To Generate Potential Leads From Social Media? 6 Certain Ways

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Social media lays countless lead-generation possibilities to marketers. A top-notch social media agency in Kolkata discusses the tips to generate potential leads. 

When done right, social media marketing can generate thousands of prospective leads for your business. 79.3% of digital marketers believe social media to be an indispensable part of their marketing strategy. Know more from the viewpoint of a social media marketing company in Kolkata

6 Foolproof Strategies For Generating Social Media Leads

Lead Magnets

Boosting people to share their relevant information is a tip that works exceptionally well on every social media platform. The reason is social media clients are active deal hunters. They are always on the lookout for lucrative discounts. To leverage this strategy for generating quality leads, you can construct compelling lead magnets including gated content and free tools. 

Social Media Ads

Ads have always been the best tactic to generate leads from social media. Sophisticating target features power social media adds which eventually fuels lead generation. Further, to make your social media ads more meaningful, customize your ad copy to match the interest of your target audience. 

Sign-Up Virtual Events Only

Virtual Events and conferences are undoubtedly the best way to trigger leads from social media. This is particularly when you incorporate a pre-registration procedure. This aids you to establish company authority and boasting your expertise to a highly engaging audience. Moreover, you can gain new leads if your presentation and content are impressive. 

Social Media Influencers

Ads can help you gain decent leads but social media influencers can prompt competent leads. Triggering leads from social media influencers has more advantages than one can ever imagine. Influencer marketing is nothing like disruptive ads. You can find the right social media influencer by seeking the amenities of an influencer marketing professional. 

Social Listening

With efficient social media listening, you can determine hidden lead-generating opportunities. Optimizing social listening lets you join conversations significant for your brand. Fuel up the process by using robust social listening tools such as “Mention” that monitors your business mentions. You may also set them up to monitor industry-relevant keywords. 

Referral Campaigns

A referral campaign is another efficient way to generate leads from social media. You can easily incentivize your clients and followers to refer their families and friends who might like your products or services. The more clients learn about your business, the more likely they are to purchase products from you. 


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