How To Improve Quality Score? Best Guide For 2022’s New Year!

Google’s quality score is a rating considering the overall significance of keywords, ads and the landing page as well. Know more from PPC marketing company, Kolkata.

Quality score is an undeniable part of SEO marketing in Kolkata. One can measure it using a scale of 1-10, where 1 is the lowest rating and 10 is the highest. Quality score is ideal as a general guide for an advertiser who wants to produce a relevant ad. 

4 Ways To Improve And Increase Quality Score

The campaign, Keyword Structure And Ad Group

  • Organizing campaigns and ad groups is never a bad idea. Do it with a granular structure and use a lot of ad groups together. Within every ad group, include closely relevant keywords only. 
  • This will indicate that ads within a provided ad group can deliver relevant keywords. A granular setup possesses other advantages as well when it comes to optimization. However, it is also significant for Quality Score. Going for a less granular structure may immediately compromise CTR as well as the ad relevance. 

Write Compelling And Relevant Ad Copy

  • Writing a relevant and gripping ad copy will enable the searcher with the ability to view search queries in the ad copy itself. This means they are more likely to click on the ad and increase CTR. Also, google will get a higher ad relevance, which is an integral component of Quality Score. 
  • It must also be kept in mind that the ad copy does not sound robotic. It must be one that the audience finds relatable. 

Dynamic Headlines Along With Ad Formats

  • Make sure that your ad groups possess both expanding text ads and the latest ad format. Responsive search ads are the newest addition here. This provides you with the finest chance of achieving the best CTR possible. Google is peculiar about pushing responsive search ads. 
  • You need to consider some facts to boost CTR with dynamic ad headlines. These are keyword insertion, location insertion, and countdown. 

Involve A Lot Of Relevant Ad Extensions

  • Ad extensions have no direct influence on the quality score. However, they are relevant in increasing CTR. Ad extensions are among the finest ways to expand your ad. They increase the amount of space an ad utilizes in the search engine. 
  • Further, it gives your users additional information about your brand and what you offer. Hence, your CTR along with expecting click-through rate must benefit by including as many relevant ad extensions as possible. 


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