How to Write A SEO Friendly Product Description for Ecommerce

Ecommerce SEO

A product description is something that makes a buyer buy that product. So, for a business to flourish, the Ecommerce websites need to write SEO friendly product descriptions.

The essential landing page must contain 5 essential elements:

It must have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

  • The Principal headline
  • A supporting headline should be provided
  • A reinforced statement 
  • A good closing argument 

Visual Expression:

 A photo or video can explain a thousand words. So, the landing page should feel the presence of at least one or two, if not more photos or videos. This will attract readers.

The Benefits:

 By providing an effective headline you have already drawn the attention of the readers. Now it is up to you how you will channelize their attention. Do not use monotonous words which will distract the readers. To keep your readers right on track you need to hypnotize them with your words. Here is an example:

  • Bad Example: The new headphones are twice as good compared to the others. ( It is a feature-based example)
  • Good Example: The new headphones are light as feathers and a solid bass will give you the ultimate feeling of enjoying music.

Provide real social Proof:

The proof of social acknowledgement is a very convincing concept. You need to provide proof that people have bought these products and they are very much satisfied with this product. You can add some statistics also that in the previous year how many people have bought this product.

 Some other examples of Social Proof :

  • The customer feedback
  • How your product is circulating among customers
  • How many customers you have
  • The trust issue is there. So, the name of the certified authority should be given
  • Awards from organizations
  • Customer Reviews: What is their opinion about this product?

Your Conversion Goal :

The main intention should be to convert people to your customers. To do that, the Landing Page Design should be your primary motive. The landing page should ask visitors about their name, email, date of birth. If you are asking private data from your customers you must arrange them as per their convenience and you must protect the privacy of those data. 

GetTraffic has done a very good job of guiding beginners to learn how to write an SEO friendly description of a product. Product optimization has to be there in the world of digital marketing. If you want to reach as many people as possible you have to have an attractive product description to entice your customers.