Importance of Facebook hashtags in Accelerating Organic Search


Every brand wants to increase its organic search to have a strong foothold in the business world. Know what top SEO agency in India has to say about Facebook hashtag usage.

Will you be able to increase your organic search with Facebook hashtags? Are adding hashtags on Facebook posts the latest marketing gimmick or do they actually have an opportunity to widen your business reach? If all these questions are clouding your mind. Let professionals from social media marketing services give the correct information with Facebook’s current obsession with hashtags. 

Organic traffic forms an integral part of every business. It helps businesses and brands rank higher in the search results, increases the client’s trust and credibility in the organization, and also helps in inbound marketing. 

How To Use Hashtags On Facebook?

Previously hashtags did not make much difference in altering Facebook’s traffic generation. However, the scenario has undergone a complete transformation and today Facebook has been pushing users to add hashtags to their posts to increase the organic search. However, simply adding tons of irrelevant hashtags to your posts will definitely not have any constructive effect and do little in improving your statistics. So we have a list of strategies that you need to follow when adding Facebook hashtags to your posts. 

1. Research Hashtags:- 

As we spoke earlier that your hashtags should be relevant to your posts. You need to search for popular Facebook niche hashtags that will put your stories in the limelight and connect you with the right set of audience. . For example if you are uploading images, posts, or videos related to cooking, you can use  #food or #cooking. Keep it simple and put it in the search bar to find if there are any other hashtags that are more popular. 

2. Add Novelty And Spice Things Up:

If you have a creative bent of mind it is well and good you can hustle up interesting and innovative things from thin air. Try adding a spark and perking up interests among the audience and clients. You can use your product name as your hashtag. This will not be a bit out of the box but will also spread the presence of your product through multiple sharing. Moreover, if some of your audience purchase your product, they can easily put up pictures using your hashtag. 

3. Hashtag Placement:- 

The position of your hashtag can contribute to your organic search. It is a common trend to add hashtags at the end of posts but here is a quick tip. Let your audience get intrigued with your posts, so add hashtags at the start. You can choose to limit the number of hashtags you add. But placing it at the start can grab your audience’s attention. 

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