Is SEO Still Alive In 2021? The Answer Is A Big Yes, But How?

Due to various changes in the operation of every SEO service agency in Kolkata, people have begun believing that SEO is no longer in use. But is it the case? 

The search engine optimization agency in Kolkata has undergone a variety of transformations. The SEO industry’s practice today is way different than the ones in use previously. When SEO began, it was all about irrelevant and excessive link construction. These methods today are known as “spammy.” 

Why Is SEO Still Relevant In 2021?

Search Engine Optimization is still relevant in 2021, at least more than it was in 2016. But it has gone through some of the biggest transformations from its function to the way it drives traffic. Let’s have a look at the major changes-

  1. Increasing Mobile Search 
  • With the use of modern SEO techniques, there is a breakthrough in the number of users operating handsets or mobile devices. They made Google push towards ‘mobile-first indexing.’
  • The phrase simply means Google considers the mobile version of the content on a website for ranking as well as indexing it. 
  1. Google’s AI Algorithms
  • Today, Google’s AI algorithms work like RankBrain. RankBrain refers to a machine-learning kind of search algorithm. It helps Google to process search queries as well as provides more significant and contextual results. 
  • Users receive the best results depending on the intent of their search. 
  1. Rich Snippets
  • Rich snippets came into use in May 2009, when Google first made its introduction to the world. They are the most ideal method to help users find a ton of information on the SERP. 
  • So, the users will get to see everything on the Search Engine Results Page without actually visiting a website. The information on this page includes votes, read time, ratings, calories, etc. 
  1. Featured Snippet
  • Featured snippets are a set of information that pops up above the organic search results in a SERP. 
  • It consists of the precise answers to a user’s search query. One may also view the featured snippet in response to voice queries. 
  1. Voice Searches
  • Voice searches have been improving a lot since their inception. Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri have come a long way and today users can’t work without them. 
  • This has given birth to a steady increase in the number of voice search questions. It must be taken note that longtail keywords are the key to success if you want to optimize them during voice searches. 


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