Learn How Your Digital Marketer Can Boost Your Brand via Facebook Marketing

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Facebook is the champion among all social media sites. Ask a digital marketing company near you how you can leverage Facebook to grow your business opportunities. 

Using the world’s most famous social media platform, Facebook as a marketing medium can prove to be effective for your business. This means you can actively use Facebook to create, share,  promote your services, and communicate with your clients. A reputed digital marketing company in kolkata puts down that no matter how big or small your company is, overlooking Facebook as a means to attract more clients can cost you a lot. 

Top 5 Ways to Help You Promote Your Brand on Facebook:-

  1. Your Facebook Page:- Set your Facebook Page with your brand’s name, logo, and personalize it to match your vision. It is an effective free marketing tool that helps you list your products, services, offerings. Moreover, it aids you in connecting with your customers through posts, sharing links, comments, videos, images, etc. The customization of your Page will convey a better sense of your business’s mission and character. 
  1. Hosting Facebook Contest:- Running a Facebook contest can be beneficial for your business. You can use it to promote your brand and also boost your brand’s awareness.  A Social media marketing company in Kolkata, suggests that every brand should organize contests and sweepstakes in order to understand the client’s interests. This is a great tactic to attract your customer’s attention and the more it spreads via word of mouth, the more will be your chance of getting new customers.
  1. Facebook Ads:– There is no better tool to sell and showcase your products other than these ads. These appear in the side columns and are typically known as Marketplace ads. Facebook ads include various attributes like a headline with a copy, a click-through link, an image, etc. It helps you in increasing your website clicks. 

Attributes of Facebook ads:

  • Specifies your ad by setting  a budget
  • Demographic search that scans audiences by virtue of the date of births, sex, location, preferences, etc.
  • Ad-performance measure tools.

By using Facebook Ads you can get more ‘likes’ to your business Page. The benefit of this is the user who likes your ads will eventually become your Pages’ follower. So they will eventually be notified whenever you put up a new post. 

  1. Use Facebook Insights:- Setting up a Page is just the onset of the entire story. Since your ultimate goal is to garner more clients, you need to assess how your page is performing. This can be done using Facebook insights. It is a comprehensive analytical dashboard that helps you to keep track of your customer reach, engagement quotient, likes on your videos, images, page reviews, events, etc. 
  1. Sponsored Stories:- The main aim of sponsored stories is to connect through word of the mouth marketing tactics. A client will  ‘like’ your product more once he sees that 2-5 of his friends have liked it too. So, it acts as a source of credibility too. The more the word spreads, the more will your business thrive. 

For more input in Facebook marketing, contact Gettraffic, the top digital marketing agency in Kolkata. With years of experience and expertise, they will help guide you in the right direction.