SEO Vs PPC – Which Is Better For Your Business And Why?

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Today, organizations of all sizes have realized the importance of online digital marketing. When it comes to boosting the traffic of the website, there are usually two options to choose from – Search Engine Optimization and PPC Services In Kolkata or Pay per click However, the big decision which you have to make is – which one will bring productive results for the company?

Google provides several programmes for PPC advertisements like Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Ad words and others. Through this, you can display your ads in the sponsored section of every search engine result page. You have to pay a fee based on all the competitive keywords that you have chosen so that whenever a viewer clicks, you earn a profit.

Alternatively, you can also build website traffic for free and achieve high ranks through organic search results. The listings are followed next to the sponsored results. For this, you need to follow the best SEO practices so that your site gets displayed on more number of pages, prominently and frequently. It takes some time, but once the ranks are hit, it is worth all the investment made.

But which approach is better? It all depends on the budget of the company as well as their requirements from the market. If you are willing to receive the traffic faster by paying adequate money for it, PPC is a good choice. However, if you are operating on a shoestring budget, investing on SEO seems more appropriate.

Search Engine Optimization :

There are several ways you can optimize your website and move up the rankings by working with SEO professional in Kolkata. Blogging, On-page optimization, Back linking brings better results in terms of organic traffic. There is on-page optimization which include changing the H1 tags to specific keywords that you want to rank. You have to ensure that the images have alt text. Writing titles and meta descriptions after including keywords is also essential. Through on-page optimization, you can increase the visibility of the keywords on different search engines and other reputable sources.

Blogging is another essential component of SEO. This is very important for customer engagement, building trust, and rise the ranking. You should also include link building within your SEO techniques as it helps in optimization. Acquire backlinks from reputed websites in the industry which will, in turn, boost the ranking. Through the use of backlinks, you can convey to the others that your business is associated with renowned businesses and other trustworthy sources. Besides, internal linking is also of great advantage as it enhances the quality of the site by creating page hierarchy and increasing site navigation.

Pay Per Click Advertisement :

PPC means you are paying money every time someone clicks on the company website. You can observe how Google shows four ads on the first page of the results and three ads at the bottom after every organic search. Once the visitors click on them, Google makes payments. You can avail this from the PPC services in Kolkata.

One of the most popular platforms where you can incorporate your PPC ad campaigns is on Google Ad words. Here, the website ROI is easily measurable and you can also calculate the conversions. There are two types of ad in PPC –

  • Display network
  • Search network

The display ads include banner ads for other websites through which you can re-target the potential audiences. They might have visited your website but navigated away without making any valuable purchase. Search ads, on the other hand, include texts in the ad. These ads show up when the users search for something after imputing particular keywords. However, people barely realise that they are advertisements.

Ads are one of the best way to increase sales and create lifelong buyers for the company.

The choice is now yours. For the best results in both these fields, you can avail services from “Get Traffic“. It is a reputed SEO company in Kolkata which offers advanced and top-graded search optimization results to their clients.