SEO Myths that Needs to Be Bust out Completely

There are many SEO Consultants in Kolkata where you can get right SEO strategies but make sure before going there you must break such SEO myths.

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As the year 2017 is coming to an end the most important thing which we must look into is to debunk the SEO myths.  The online marketing is the most important market now and with the constant flow makes sure that you should not believe such myths that are associated with SEO.  The negative phrases with SEO must throw away so that you can make more and more clicks. Thus, there are many SEO Consultants in Kolkata and all the myths must be busted away.

Myths which Need to Be Bust Away regarding SEO:-

Building Link for the Sake of SEO:-

Myth –Google has no connection with SEO links. Rather it should be said that search engine has distaste with unnatural links. Also, the link profile expands over time because of increasing unwanted content.

Truth –Google might say that links do not affect the work of online marketing but actually they are considered the strongest tool to make the ranking list at the top. No matter whether Google admits or not link building is definitely is the most important part of any SEO strategy. You can’t able to compete with your competitors without it.

Clicks actually Do Not Affect the Ranking:-

Myth – Google is not at all static with its decision that whether licks will affect the SEO rankings or not. Thus, the online marketing and Social Media Marketing Companies in Kolkata is always confused with its importance.

Truth – But actually it is seen that clicks actually has a huge affect on Google rankings. If you click on one page and stays longer period then you can see that your ranking will go up in the search engine. Thus, the equation also gets changed with a simple click.

Using 301 Redirects actually, Works – It’s definitely a wrong concept now as it does not work much now or it even sometimes hurt the rankings as well.

Keyword-Based Domain name Boosts Up Search Engines – Small business who does not have much information about SEO thinks that keyword rich SEO actually ranks better but it’s absolutely not true until SEO experts put the effort in it.

Location Hosting is Important – No matter where you are hosting for your website. Make sure you know your top most competitors so that you able to check their location on Google Maps easily.

Requires Dedicated IP- It is also a myth which needs to be busted because your rankings will not be affected with or without dedicated rankings.

On Page SEO is Required- Many said that SEO experts work is limited to on page SEO but it is certainly not true because along with it you also require off page SEO well to improve your rankings.