Some common social media Marketing service mistakes to avoid for better results

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Facebook has a whopping 2 million users, and it is extending at a rapid pace. This interactive social media marketing service kolkata platform makes the most effective channel for communicating with people from all across the globe. What more? Today the digital marketers have heavily relied on Facebook as a platform to advertise their products and services. It is the perfect space to utilize marketing strategies, thereby enabling the businesses to encounter a steady climb amidst the intense competition.

Taking advantage of Facebook to generate leads, drive more website traffic from Social Media Marketing Service kolkata, and engage in conversations with potential and targeted customers should be the primary aim of every social media marketing service in Kolkata. However, reports say 66% of brands do not know how to execute them and what to achieve from Facebook. As a result, they end up committing some brutal mistakes.

  1. Too focussed on selling

    This is one of the very overstressing factors. Brands creating their own social media profiles should use it as a platform to narrate and convey their story to the rest of the world. It is about creating a conversation and forming a community to promote the brand lifestyle. Instead, many companies keep on spamming people with offers and discounts on their products. This way, the brands only intent seems to be pushing products to the customers.

    Gone are those days when facebook users weren’t too savvy to understand what is going on. Today, every person stays updated. They can distinguish between a marketing gimmick and genuine content. Therefore, you should always go for a soft sell like promoting minimal ads and “just not ads.” The key is to push the product instead of trying to pull more attention.

  2. Having the wrong objective

    The ideal facebook ad should flash the product only in front of interested customers. This way, they will be able to click on the ad immediately and be redirected to the site. You don’t need to settle on a lead all the time. Instead of that, brands should focus on generating more valuable results by providing helpful and informative content with the right prospects in mind. Since Facebook is a powerful tool, setting the objectives right before using it should be the main priority of the company.

  3. Posting many links

    By following this, one will never get the desired results. Many companies publish too many links or posts that have unnecessary links inside them. This conflicts with the interests of the customers and users on Facebook, who wants to stay-in-channel. Consequently, one will notice a low number of website clicks and falling website traffic.

    You should also be very consistent with the posts that you are making on Facebook. If the posts are not frequent, your organic traffic will decline. Engagement with the audience should be your priority, and it is only possible through informative content. You should target the right content after a lot of proper research. Publishing lots of local content will make your customers lose interest from your website. Hence, you should decide your niche content appropriately before deciding to publish it on this public forum.

  4. Avoiding negative feedback

    No matter all your efforts in increasing brand awareness, there will always be a group of users who will negatively instigate you. Even some big brands get carried away by this, as there is no one specific to blame. However, for better outcomes, you must address all types of feedback on Facebook.

As the bad comments start rolling out, you can ignore them and let them pile up on their own. Another option is to answer all the comments positively. Admit all your errors and promise to make your services better the next time.

Conclusion of Social Media Marketing Service Kolkata :

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