Social Media Strategies And Its Goal Of Increasing Brand Awareness

Social Media Strategies

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for almost every brand. Know how increasing brand awareness is the goal of every digital marketing agency Kolkata. 

According to a study, the biggest goal of a marketer for social media is to increase brand awareness. The greatest challenge social media marketing service Kolkata face is making a strategy that further supports the goals of their organization.

How Do Marketers Consider Engagement When Calculating Social Success?

  1. When it comes to social media, marketers have their personal definitions of engagement queuing up with their top goals. Some 72% of the marketer’s state likes and comments as engagement. Hence, it is a key player in measuring the success of its strategy. 
  2. 34% of marketers define engagement in terms of revenue attribution. It may not offer an accurate measure of success-especially if the industry does not promote social selling. 

What Platforms Do The Marketers Use?

  • While discussing the social platforms that marketers use, Facebook ranks top. More than 80% of marketers optimize the platform as part of their social media strategy. But, 66% of consumers already follow the brand on different platforms. Hence, business messaging might not be reaching a large group of their target audience. 
  • Besides Facebook, the second, most-popular platform is Instagram. It has 65% of marketers integrating the image-sharing channel into their strategy. However, there are a lot of influencers on Instagram which eventually means that the brand has greater options when increasing engagement. 
  • The greatest difference between consumers and brands is visible on LinkedIn. 38% of marketers make use of LinkedIn along with their brand’s strategy. On the other hand, only 6% of consumers follow brands on LinkedIn. This indicates that unless you specifically target a strategy, you can fall short of achieving a good engagement. 

Role Of Customer Motivation

While marketers make strategies for social media that can benefit the brand, it is significant to consider the wants and habits of consumers. Moreover, posting irrelevant things at the wrong time can make you lose a lot of your audience. As a result, it will reduce the complete success of a strategy. 

Recent research shows that more than 49% of consumers follow brands on social media. And the reason is to learn about their new offerings. This eventually becomes the biggest motivation for those who optimize social media to improve sales.


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