The Best Live Streaming Video Platform: Facebook or Instagram?

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Are you considering video-streaming to promote your brand? Know from the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, how to use Facebook & Instagram Live video feature. 

Today’s audience is happy seeing a video demonstration of the product they are going to avail of. As a result including videos in your content marketing strategies can help you capture a wider audience. However, with evolving times, the current trend is live videos. Both Facebook and Instagram are popular social media platforms. Though they cater to a different set of audiences, both have live video forums. When did we ask the best social media marketing company in Kolkata, which is better? Here is what they said. 

Today’s new generation is hooked to live streaming videos rather than long pre- recorded ones. Not only individuals but brands and businesses too use these platforms.  The reason being the videos are more entertaining, informative, engaging, and gives them the option to interact live with the audience. 

Before Understanding Which Is Better, Let Us Know How Both the Live Videos Are Different From Each Other?


  • Your live videos can be easily saved to your page after the actual session is over. This is a benefit since all your friends and followers will be able to check in case they missed it. 
  • The length of the video should not exceed 1.5 hours. 
  • You can stream the live videos both on your desktop as well as any other mobile devices.
  • Analytics implements more extensive video metrics. 


  • You will never be able to save your videos. Instagram does not give you that option, unfortunately. 
  • The tenure of your live videos can extend up to 1 hour only.
  • The analytics metrics are not as wide as Facebook. You can only check the video view count. 

Why Has Instagram Become More Popular Among Gen-y?

  • A digital marketing company in kolkata has rightly pointed out that the growing popularity of Instagram live videos prove that the platform is a step ahead of Facebook. The reason being it is new, it is fresh and you encounter people who share your vibe. 
  • The one cool aspect of Instagram videos is it is shown in the discover section as a priority to your followers. As a result, your followers are notified easily and can engage in live comments, chats, etc. 
  • We all know that marketers love freshly brewed exclusive content. So, since you can only be live for 24 hours, therefore they will definitely find a way to watch your videos. 

However, everything depends on your brand’s requirements and the target audience you cater to. We say you try both the features to know where your audience engages more. Boost your live sessions with tips from the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata- Gettraffic.