The Concept Of Position Zero In Search Engine Optimization

rank zero in seo

To any SEO service agency in Kolkata, the idea of position zero is important. But before going into details, let’s know what Position Zero is all about first. 

Position Zero is the first Google search result that occurs right above organic SEO listings. Some professionals in a digital marketing agency Kolkata call it a featured snippet that answers the question of searchers directly. Moreover, there is no need to click on the search result link. 

Why Is Position Zero (PO) Significant?

  1. It assists in occupying more SERP territory

Firstly, earning a Position Zero spot lets your brand capture more territories in the SERPs. With great data than conventional search results, PO results consume more space on the results page. Thereby, it pushes competitors down the page. Additionally, Position Zero allows your brand to gain great exposure in SERPs. Consequently, searchers discover more about your brand and its offerings. 

  1. It boosts your click-through rate 

It is a popular fact that the initial SERP result obtains the majority of clicks. Furthermore, engaging PO results let you leapfrog the first position for earning more clicks and site traffic. While site owners worry that direct answers may decrease clicks, studies have been showing the opposite. Position zero holders are reporting a boost in click-through rates. 

  1. PO is becoming more prevalent

Over 12 per cent of search results carry PO results. So if you earn top rankings for your target keywords, there is nothing to worry about. Position Zero and its impacts continue to grab SEO traffic as well as territory. Also, if you don’t optimize the PO, chances are your competitors are surpassing you in search results. 

Different Types Of PO-Ranking Content 

  • 5W Answers 

Obviously, it includes who, when, where, why and what. Moreover, there are chances of you appearing in Position Zero if your content answers these questions accurately. You can always take the help of Google for answering these 5Ws.

  • Definitions 

Definitions are also a good option for featured snippet takeover. PO offers consumers with quick information they need. 

  • How-tos

How-to searches are also integral for triggering these results. A lot of “how-to” searches produce PO results with step-by-step instructions. This guide helps searchers throughout the process. 

  • Comparisons

Usually, searchers need a quick comparison when they want to decide on brands or products. Furthermore, it is very easy to format this content type along with bullets, lists and tables. 

  • Cost information 

Searches regarding price or cost may also produce PO results. 


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