The Rise Of Social Media: Its Importance In The Business World

social media marketing

A piece of detailed knowledge about the best hacks and techniques to promote sales and profits using social media marketing is extremely essential. 

You can trace back the evolution of social media to the early 2000 when people expressed their interest in communicating via advanced digital technology. Since then, online networks and digital media are about establishing and nurturing personal connections at scale. While LinkedIn made its onset in 2001 as a professional site for career-oriented people.while  Facebook followed in 2005. You can say that the upgradation in Facebook year after year, made the social media game more strong. Social media marketing agencies in Kolkata use these powerful platforms to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads and increase conversions
  • Develop and nurture relationships with customers
  • Learn from competitors

What Is The Role Of Social Media Marketing?

  1. Social Media Marketing service companies in Kolkata can also create and promote your product. By branding, we mean, letting your customers or viewers know about your product/business. It becomes much easier to do this physically in your business.
  2. With more online visibility, building customer loyalty is easier than ever. As more and more people are online and more connected there, it becomes a good business case just like yours, to make a profit.
  3. As with other digital marketing services that include part of your total marketing budget, Social Media is much cheaper than you think! It is free for any person or business to be its users, as there are no registration fees available. However, for better marketing you need to pay a penny on some platforms, but only if you choose. But again, it will definitely be less than what you would otherwise spend.

How To Choose The Right Social Media Marketing Agency?

  • A crucial decision that can set most things right. Understand and analyze what you need from your social media marketers. What are the key requisites of the brand? For effective partnerships, you need to give them a clear chalked-out plan. Be open to their inputs and communicate well so that there are no last-minute confusion. 
  • When looking for a social media marketing company, connect with an agency that matches your style, and has a similar working approach. Find out if their style and approach are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Log into their social media pages. 
  • Discussing your budget is important before finalizing your partnership. . Your digital and also, the social marketer should instill in you the confidence that your money is not going to waste. Accordingly, you should feel that your business is now in safe hands. 


Do you want to tap into the global market for better business opportunities? Are you skeptical of using old marketing practices? We understand your dilemma. Today’s new age demands new strategies. Partner with GetTraffic, a leading social media marketing agency in Kolkata. We help you put your best foot forward in the digital world so that your brand thrives.