Tips to Tackle Negative Feedbacks on Twitter

Most of the Online Marketing Company in Kolkata considers that you must try to avoid negative comments on twitter. Make sure that you know that what you need to do if you receive negative comments in your twitter.


You must know that twitter is a popular platform where most of the people share negative comments. In this age where you can find smart phones in everyone’s hand the most important thing which you can get are people tweeting back within seconds if any things go wrong. It actually harms your brand’s reputation as well. Thus, it is very important that you must provide proper Digital Marketing Solutions in Kolkata so that negative tweets can be handled.  Thus, here are some steps through which you can able to solve your negative comments as well.

  • Analyze –If you able to see a negative tweet and which is actually not true you will surely feel like frustrated. Make sure that you must not take it personally. Just relax take some deep breaths and don’t reply to it angrily. Just reply what you want to say and just solve the problem. Next thing what you need to do is to analyse the tweet properly and try to look for what actually your initial tweet means to you. Try to analyse the profile and the style of the context as well.
  • Respond and Apologize –But no matter whether the tweet is unwarranted but make sure that you also put the customer’s shoes on your feet. As your customer has surely found some mistake and that is the reason he has tweeted complaint. For a customer, it might not be a big deal but it’s not same for you because you need some improvement from your side. So, to know more information about the client’s part you should message back to your client citing information regarding the tweets and other details. But, make sure that this interaction must not happen on any public platform. You take the client’s details and personally speak to your client. Make sure that you must not disclose your client’s information outside. If you have a proper explanation then make sure that you explain it to your client.
  • Resolve –Definitely doesn’t forget what you have promised to do your customer to solve the problem. So once you have offered the solution make sure that you must do it. Most of the Online Marketing in Kolkata says the same thing on twitter replies. You can also provide up with some extra delighter if your customer has a bitter experience. Like, you can issue a discount or other gift coupons to solve your mistake.  If the entire conversation is visible publicly then it will make your customer slay out the negative experience. Make sure that you never hang your audience and solve the matter immediately. So, make sure that you been able to resolve the matter as soon as possible. A short sweet cordial message sometimes also completes your work.