Tips To Acquire High-Quality Links With Skyscraper Technique

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For Google’s key ranking factor, backlinks still remain important. Gain more ideas with Skyscraper Technique from this comprehensive blog by the best SEO service agency in Kolkata.

The Skyscraper technique is a general link-building technique which helps in the creation of engaging content. Further, it helps an SEO service in Kolkata to earn potential editorial links. There are three general principles upon which this technique is based. Dive deep into this blog and know all about them. 

The Basics Of The Skyscraper Technique 

The three key foundations of the skyscraper technique are 

  1. Looking for popular content linked to another site
  2. Developing a better piece of content on a similar topic. Furthermore, publish it on your own website.
  3. Market your content to the right audience and allow them to know it is present. 

For any business incorporating the skyscraper technique, the goal must be to create unique content. It is all about making the biggest piece of content on a particular topic. Moreover, a topic that is more excellent than the others represents the skyscrapers that stand above everything else. Additionally, it is a technique that you may leverage for links to add much value to the topic.  

This technique functions so well because you are incorporating something that is already in use. Recent advancements in the technique simply make it better. In search engine optimization, the most impactful thing to use is to gain a competitive edge. This indicates the more use of data on what strategies are your competitors incorporating. Further, it helps them to identify their brand’s strengths as well as weaknesses. 

Why Is The Skyscraper Technique So Powerful? 

  • The biggest difficulty with numerous link-building tactics is the potential to scale. Along with the uncertainty around certain levels of success. For an instance, a broken-link building is bounded by the opportunities lying in there. Moreover, to scale this strategy, one depends on sites that have broken external links. 
  • Another very famous and proven link-building strategy is digital PR. Often it bears resemblance to the Skyscraper technique. However, PR is usually concerned with creating something new for garnering attention along with the links. One can incorporate these links with the tactic and other digital PR campaigns. 
  • You can use linkable assets for earning links. It typically asks for creating a piece of content that is compelling and people would actually demand a link to it. All you have to do is follow your gut feeling that your content must be unique and staunch enough to ask for links. 


Now, it’s time that you use these techniques and make your brand rise above the ordinary. To get a complete idea about the same, contact GetTraffic. Lots of information are available on the website of the best digital marketing agency Kolkata. So, don’t wait for long.