Top 4 Actionable Strategies to Boost Facebook Engagement Rates

Speed Up Your Facebook Engagement

Are you worried to see the declining engagement trends on Facebook? Here are top strategies from the best online marketing company in Kolkata to combat the problem.

Today brands and businesses use social media platforms to advertise their products, engage with their customers, and increase their brand’s reach. However, Facebook’s organic reach and engagement has hit the bottom. This is definitely not a piece of good news for brands who use the platform for generating business. According to professionals from social media marketing companies in Kolkata, implementing some basic techniques to increase Facebook traction will help brands boost their engagement rates. 

According to BuzzSumo’s analysis of 880 million Facebook posts, the engagement rate has fallen by 20 percent since the start of 2017. This is definitely depressing as it is challenging to grow a Facebook page with declining engagement rates from the audience.  

Useful Tactics to Generate More Facebook Engagement:-

1. Analyze the Correct Time to Post:- 

The universal best time to post on Facebook was the early afternoon. But this trend is changing as every brand should post according to their own perfect time. If you check your Facebook page Insights, it will focus on your audience’s activity each day of the week. Experts suggest that it is best to post when the majority of your audience is online. Also maintaining the hour of posting will be easier for your fans to keep in sync with. 

2. Make Your Content Platform-Specific:

What works on Twitter will not work on Instagram. While GIFs are raging on Twitter and hashtags are taking Instagram by storm, Facebook, however, do not follow any of these. Therefore it is important for every digital marketing agency in Kolkata to customize their social media posts to gain the attention of their audience. 

3. Posting Links in the First Comment:-

Like any other digital platform, Facebook wants its users to spend as much time on its platform. Any post that directs the users to another website hardly gains any boost from the Facebook algorithm. Thus, you need to create a lengthier format in the post-introduction first.  Further, you can ask your audience to get in-depth knowledge or more information from the link in the first comment.  

4. Try Videos And Go Live:- 

Videos perform the best on Facebook as it has double the engagement than other formats of content. Experiment with square videos, add interesting captions, and enhance the design. Also, Facebook has been ushering Live videos from the past year or two. According to statistics, users watch more live videos, and comments also increase doubly. 

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