Top 5 Types Of SEO Your Business Needs To Boost Site Traffic

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SEO is much more than the specific kind of optimization people generally assume. Read this blog and know how SEO service in Kolkata helps in business.

If any business wants to acquire more traffic on their site, they will need more than a single kind of optimization. Given below are five SEO tactics by the top SEO service agency in Kolkata. Using them will help your website rank for the keywords you are targeting. 

Top 5 Types Of SEO Every Business Needs

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is something that every business is familiar with. It includes all the things that your readers will view when they first visit your website. For the greater part, that means content. Effective on-page SEO needs high-quality, informative content to work efficiently. Moreover, the information you share must be top-notch. When writing a detailed piece on a topic, you have to include a lot of relevant keywords. 

Off-Page SEO

The most important part of an off-page SEO is link building. This is a massive part of SEO and it is also the most difficult. Acquiring links to your website helps to bring in visitors, thereby showing Google that people around you are valuing the content. Having content that is popular on social media brings you a lot of traffic too, which ultimately helps your SEO as well. 

Technical SEO

Certain people consider technical SEO as a sub-classification of on-page SEO, but it is not. Technical SEO, precisely, has relations to on-page factors but has a lot of things that go on behind the scenes. Optimizing images, caching information for speed loading and using a secure HTTPS connection are key factors of a technical Search Engine Optimization. 

Local SEO 

While several businesses are still operating online, thousands of companies have a physical location for their customers. A number of steps are significant for local SEO that you may not think about in a traditional SEO campaign. Moreover, you must have to ensure that your contact information has a prominent display and highlights with schema markup. This will enable search engines to know where it is. 

Youtube SEO

Just like app store optimization, Youtube SEO is a niche kind of optimization. However, it can make a great difference in how much traffic you are actually acquiring. A lot of people don’t realize that Youtube has become one of the world’s most popular search engines. Hence, ranking here will be absolute gold. 


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