Top 6 Keywords Types You Must Know For Conversion In SEO

6 keywords

Keywords are the initial step for making any SEO strategy successful. Know the 6 different types of keywords from the most reliable SEO service agency in Kolkata. 

Using different keywords for SEO is one of the best ways to target multiple audiences at each stage. It helps you reach a wider range of people and also maximizes your chance of securing customers. 

6 Different Types Of Keywords

  • Short-Tail Keyword

As the name suggests, short-tail keywords are actually short keywords with less than three words. Some people also call it the “head keyword.” Furthermore, short-tail keywords have a massive amount of search volume and are highly competitive also. In the case of audiences, brands use short-tail keywords in their initial phase of research. 

  • Long-Tail Keyword 

Keywords having more than 3 words are basically long-tail keywords. They are generally more specific than the short-tail ones. Long-tail keywords have a lower search volume in comparison to short-tail keywords. However, they are also very less competitive. The most significant thing to keep in mind is that long-tail keywords can pinpoint the search intent easily. 

  • Short-Term Fresh Keywords 

Fresh keywords refer to the ones that are trending in the market. Furthermore, you can use the explosive volume of a fresh keyword for attracting more organic views. However, when the hype is over, be ready for a harsh fall. The fact with fresh keywords is you can connect with the latest news and also gain a certain new audience. 

  • Long-Term Evergreen Keywords 

Evergreen keywords are the ones that are relevant all the time. While the search volume can fluctuate, there won’t be extreme charges. Moreover, you can be sure that your users will still find the keywords interesting after years of publishing the content. The views may sometimes be unexplosive but they will remain consistent. Content with evergreen keywords is mostly informative. 

  • Product-Defining Keywords 

These keywords are the ones that explain and describe your product. Not only is it a keyword tool, but also an LSI Keyword Research as well as Planning Tool. Hence, when searchers opt for product-defining keywords, they are in their initial stage of purchasing already. 

  • Geo-Targeting Keywords

Geo-targeting keywords let you target a particular city, state or neighbourhood. Smaller businesses particularly use it because they want local customers to their storefront. To acquire geo-targeting keywords, you can simply consult your local businesses. They are most probably geo-targeting with their specific set of keywords. 


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