Top Marketing Tips & Ad Strategy For Promotion Of Fashion Brand

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If you want your fashion brand to be successful, create promising ad strategies for Facebook and Google. Know how you can calibrate your marketing efforts for better growth.

Every fashion store needs an effective marketing strategy to improve brand awareness, enhance promotion, and boost sales. Among the hundreds of fashion brands springing up every now and then, the pressure of standing out is immense. Therefore without a rock-solid ad strategy, gaining the audience’s attention and making a niche in the market is a lost cause. You need to channelize the power of the internet and social media networks to bring your fashion business to the forefront. Major brands today focus on advertising through Facebook ads, Google ads to improve brand presence and approach prospects. 

The fashion business is a booming industry that is dynamic and the expectation is that it will grow by 15.7% in 2020 to 718 billion globally. But with every fashion guru and industry expert claiming an overall growth in their business, are you able to see the results you want? If not, then your return on ad-spend may need improvement or your PPC ads are not customized for your targeted audience. Also even if you are running Facebook ads, you are not utilizing it to its full potential. 

Do not worry, we have some of the best tips from social media marketing companies in Kolkata to help you boost your fashion store. 

1. Using Social Media For Fashion Brand’s Marketing:-

A social media presence requires you to be intentional and strategic. You need to have a clear idea of what suits your business and how to use each platform to divert traffic to your fashion brand’s website and how to reach your potential audience. 

When talking about social media, here we will concentrate on Instagram and Facebook to promote your fashion brand. 

  • Instagram Stories To Drive Conversions:

Instagram offers visual delight as it encourages its users to implement a photo-first user experience through the feed, stories, & IGTV. The major benefits that this platform offers are significant customization and creativity when designing ads. An easy call to action buttons, and a relatable approach to target customers. 

  • Facebook’s Video Ads For Grabbing Customer Attention:

The Facebook video has a higher engagement rate when compared to photos, status posts, links, or comments. Hence it is great for marketers to get their brand’s message across. An eye-catching video with clear, crisp content narrated within 10 seconds is enough to grab your audience’s attention without overwhelming them. 

2. Using Google Ads For Fashion Store:-

Social media marketing service providers always stress the importance of visuals when promoting a fashion brand. But traditional marketers think Google Ads is not suitable for fashion marketing as these are mostly text-based. But contrary to popular beliefs Google allows you to run various ad campaigns. Among them, Shopping, Display, Search, and Video ads work best for fashion store business. 

3. Thus For Fashion Marketing, You Need To:

  • Personalize customer experience
  • Create style guides to increase sale and decrease returns
  • Use influence marketing over traditional ads

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