Top Strategies To Create A Powerful Online Presence For A Startup

Online presence analysis

Founding a startup during the pandemic is itself very challenging. Read this blog and explore the wide opportunities that any SEO service in Kolkata provides. 

Making customers aware of a brand that is still in its beginning stages is one of the toughest deals. Thus, a strong online presence plays an indispensable role. Know what an online marketing service Kolkata can do in order to make your startup successful. 

How To Begin With A Strong Digital Presence? 

A compelling digital presence during the pandemic helps to insulate your brand from the closures that several companies face. To make a strong impact on your online customers, you need to follow some important steps. 

Steps To Build A Strong Online Marketing Presence

  1. Make Sure To Build A Strong Brand

According to some research, e-Commerce saw a leap of more than 30% in 2020. This indicates that for a lot of shoppers, online shopping is their first preference. Next, invest in your social media, website as well as Google My Business profile. This will ensure that your brand is up-to-date and full of business confidence. 

  1. Initiate Reviews

With social media growth, what’s growing more is the demand for social proof. The shift to online during the pandemic has led clients to ask for more reviews of the products/services. Online reviews help customers to experience the product visually. They can further, conclude to a decision whether to buy the product or not. 

  1. Offer Online Bookings, Purchasing, And Receiving Options

People are not present inline just to scroll. They also want to buy, and here comes the need to provide them with the reason to purchase. Not only that, include options like booking appointments or reserving online. Also, consider the amount of sales process you can offer digitally for reducing the time clients spend in your store. 

  1. Market Your Startup

Efficient marketing is vital for any company during its launch phase. But you have to deviate from this conventional approach during the pandemic. A number of marketing strategies are out there to help your brand reach its target audience and market effectively. These are search engine marketing, email marketing, social media as well as public relations. 

  1. Decide The Marketing Spend

Allocating a marketing budget is very important for any local marketing agency Kolkata. The Small Business Administration suggests spending 2-3% of your total revenue for run-rate marketing. Moreover, for startup marketing, it can vary upto 5%. 

To Conclude 

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