Videos are the Next Big Thing in the Realm of Digital Marketing

Brand Promotion through Video Marketing

Video marketing delivers messages in a short time frame and is useful in grabbing user attention.  Learn its benefits from a  digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Digital marketing service providers claim that Video marketing has become an effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined together. Why? Because videos are highly attractive, engaging, and extremely shareable that easily connects a wide range of audience. 

The world is a witness to a massive change of marketing mediums from traditional newspapers, magazines to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook live. Videos now are omnipresent and hardly can you afford to overlook it if you are running a business. 

Some Statistics to Get You Convinced On the Rise In Video Consumption:

On asking a digital marketing agency in India whether video marketing is the right alternative to traditional marketing practices, this is what they had to say:

  • The presence of the word ‘video’  in any emails or content increases the click-through-rate (CTR) quite automatically. 
  • Nearly 50 % of the videos have an audience who streams it through mobile devices.
  • Internet video traffic accounts for 80% of all consumer content on the internet. 

Listing Dow Some Major Advantages of Video Marketing:

Videos are nothing new- from TV commercials to movie trailers, videos are everywhere. The only reason its popularity surfaced is due to the internet. Smartphones and other mobile devices are the major catalysts that led to video consumption more than ever. 

This Is How Your Business Can Benefit from Video Marketing:

Audience Engagement:

Text-based long-format articles are slowly losing their charm. Firstly because most people are not into reading lengthy texts no matter how useful it is. Secondly, it only fails to attract or resonate with a certain audience. Especially for millennials, they want to consume video on the go. Videos are fast and can engage even the most casual social media scroller. They are powerful and require less effort. 

Drives More Traffic and Leads:

If you are availing digital marketing service in India but your marketer is not using video marketing to its full potential, your business is likely to suffer. 

  • Embedded videos on your website can increase sale upto 55%
  • Videos can hike your landing page conversions
  • Video marketing can grow your traffic by 49% more than those who are not using videos. 

Thus, there is no other way as effectively other than video marketing to convert potential leads to reliable clients.

Better Reach and Boosts SEO Efforts:

Videos can help boost your SEO efforts and eventually increase your ranking on the SERP. Since users are more active on digital platforms and connecting via videos are effective in building a strong connection, your brand gets highlighted. 

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